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Game of Money and Destruction!

American Democracy???

Dr. Ahmed El-Meadawy

29 October 2007

Who Assassinated John F. Kennedy?

The fifty third American President, John F. Kennedy, was assassinated on 22 November 1963 in Dallas, Texas. He was 46 years old, and had spent less than three years in office. During the 45 years since his assassination until now, the consecutive American Governments have failed to uncover the assassins because the heads of the US Government institutions themselves have killed him. When a crime is committed, the beneficiaries of the victim’s disappearance are suspected. Who are those who had benefited from Kennedy’s assassination?

The Federal Reserve Bank:

The name gives the strong impression that it is the American Central Bank, it is owned by the American Government, produces the American Dollar, and regulates the American currency market. The name was designed to exactly give that impression, which is a complete fraud. It is a private bank owned by the 12 richest banking families of the World:

The Rothschilds of London and Berlin ِ

Lazard Brothers of Paris

Israel Moses Seif of Italy

Kuhn, Loeb and Warburg of Germany

The Lehman Brothers, Goldman, Sachs and the Rockefeller families of New York

This is a secret that only a very few know.

The Congress produced a bill allowing that bank to be established on 23 December 1913. Its profits are exempt from taxation. It produces all the money that the American state needs without any cover of Gold, Silver, or any other valuables. The issued currency is lent to the American Government for interest of $ one trillion a year (tax-free profit). Notice the democracy that allows politicians to produce laws that benefit their interests and the interests of their financiers. Former President Woodrow Wilson and his allies were behind the approval of that law.

According to the American Constitution, the American Government is only allowed to issue the American currency. Why, then, it does not perform such a constitutional role and save a $ trillion loss every year? This what John F. Kennedy had done, when he issued a presidential decree No. 11110 on 4 June 1963 (4 months before his assassination) ordering the Ministry of Finance to issue the American currency according to the American Reserves of Gold and Silver available. This would have allowed the production of 4.3 billion dollars, enough to pay the American debts to the Federal Reserve Bank, causing that bank to go out of business, increased the strength of the American economy and the prosperity of the American citizens, and saved $ 9 trillion for the American Government from the time the decree was issued until now, if the law had not been cancelled by another conspirator, Lyndon B. Johnson. After Kennedy was assassinated, all the Money that was printed by the American Government was withdrawn.

The Federal Reserve Bank, also, raises and lowers the interest rate, causes inflations, recessions, or prosperity, and collects the profits resulting from those policies. The mentioned bank caused the American, recession started in 1929, as it refused to provide the loans needed to overcome the economical crisis, causing the fall of the value of all company shares. The same bank bought those shares at one tenth of their original value.

In 1913, the same year the Federal Reserve Bank was legalized, the Congress produced another bill obliging the American citizens to pay taxes in order to pay the interest on the money produced and lent to the American Government by the same bank. American citizens were not taxed before that bill.

The strongest and richest interest groups in the USA, especially the richest bank owners, weapon producers, etc., donate money to the candidates of the available (two) parties to finance their election campaigns. Politicians with the largest sums win the elections, and then pay back their masters, who put them in their positions by producing laws that benefit their interests. In many cases donors finance all competing candidates with the same result of benefiting the interests of such groups. This game includes American Presidents, States’ Governors, members of Congress, and all other levels of government. Former President John F. Kennedy was an exception, as he had disappointed his financiers and wanted to serve the interests of the American public at the expense of a few interest groups. This exception does not seem to have been repeated again. Kennedy’s brother (Attorney General with Kennedy’s Government) and his son were assassinated for the same reasons.

Kennedy’s assassination was a bold warning to all upcoming presidents and politicians not to repeat what he had done. Anyhow, Kennedy’s assassination was not the first in the American history. President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in 1865 for the same reasons.

Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson:

Johnson was President Kennedy’s Vice President, and was being investigated for involvement in 4 crimes (murder, bribery, and armed robbery). As a result, he was not going to be included with President Kennedy for the candidacy of the 1964 election as a vice president. This meant not only that he had no hope to be a future president himself, but most probably, he would have ended in jail. The disappearance of President Kennedy had led to the appointment of Johnson as the next American President according to the American constitution. This position was not only the strongest in the USA, but, in the entire World. In a moment, Johnson has become himself the “law” itself, the “law enforcer”, and in charge of all the powerful American institutions. If Johnson had not been one of the conspirators or the most important one to kill President Kennedy, his presidential powers would have allowed him to uncover the mystery, find the conspirators, and bring them to justice. This has encouraged all other conspirators to continue the adventure to the end, as they were protected by the President of the United States of America.

The first thing President Johnson did, after swearing the oath of office on the presidential plane, Air-Force One, was to cancel Kennedy’s decree No.: 11110, that had empowered the American Government to produce its own money instead of the Federal Reserve Bank. This cancellation had put the same bank, again, in charge of producing and lending the dollars to the Government, and profiting a trillion dollars a year. Three witnesses of the crimes Johnson was accused of, before becoming a President, were assassinated.

Head of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover:

Hoover was head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the relevant institution that had the authority and obligation to find the conspirators and to bring them to justice. In stead, the FBI officers collected all home movie tapes recorded by the American public of President Kennedy’s assassination in his open motor cage. Those tapes have been destroyed, for ever. Who would do that except the murderer himself? 200 witnesses of Kennedy’s assassination were themselves assassinated, before they could tell what they knew. Hoover knew the desire of New Orleans crime boss, Carlos Marcello, to assassinate Kennedy, but failed to report that to the FBI, Attorney General, and the Secret Service until the assassination occurred. President Kennedy did not have the intention to renew Hoover’s appointment as the FBI chief.

The Vietnam War Profiteers:

Former President Kennedy had planned to end the Vietnam War and to withdraw all US troops in 1965. That war brought huge profits to the Federal Reserve Bank and other banks that lent the US Government the money needed to finance the war, to the American arms producers/dealers, and involved politicians. Therefore, President Kennedy had to disappear to continue the war and its profits. Three million Vietnamese have lost their lives for the American invasion for freedom, the banner under which America launches all its imperial wars. Note that the six million Vietnamese, American, and other Asian dead and disabled victims meant nothing for the American war and profit equation. This war was ended in 1973 under the tremendous pressure of the American public, and against the wishes of the politicians and their allied war profiteers.

Head of the CIA, Allen Dulles:

President Kennedy was provided with false information by the CIA in regard to the invasion of Cuba, which he did not support. The same organization, also, assassinated the South Vietnamese dictator Ngo Diem without Kennedy’s approval. He considered the CIA as a state within the state with exaggerated powers, and wanted to break it down into smaller and weaker units. Allen Dulles did not like the idea of reducing his powers and became one of the beneficiaries of the President’s assassination. Later, he was chosen to be on the commission investigating the assassination and helped destroying the evidence and burying the truth.

Former President Gerald Ford

At that time, he was a member of the Congress and of the Warren Commission appointed by President Johnson to investigate President Kennedy’s assassination (theater). He faked the report content to protect the conspirators with the approval of all other commission members. Ford, also, spied against the commission members on behalf of the FBI Head, J. Edgar Hoover, and the upcoming President Richard Nixon. He was rewarded by including him as a Vice President candidate with Nixon. Nixon and Ford won the election, and became President and Vice President. After the scandal of Watergate and the resignation of Richard Nixon in 1974, Gerald Ford became the President. He issued a decree pardoning Nixon for breaching the American laws.

Who Destroyed the World Trade Centre?

On September 11, 2001, 19 members of Al Qaida hijacked four commercial airplanes with 166 passengers and crew members, after they had subdued 8 pilots and all the flight attendants using paper cutters. The two planes took off from Boston and changed their directions to collide with Towers 1 and 2 of the New York World Trade Center with ultimate precision. 2998 people were killed. A third plane took off from New York, flew to Ohio, and then returned to the Capital, Washington, to explode into the Pentagon, according to the official reports of the American Government.

Six of the deceased pilots were former military officers and knew how to defend themselves. The occupancy rate of the mentioned planes was 20% in stead of the usual rate of 75%.

The mentioned three planes were flown with ultimate accuracy to change directions and to hit their exact targets, which was difficult even for professional pilots. The hijackers received very primitive flight training according to the American Government, which could not have been enough for controlling the planes with such precision. Every plane contained 2 (indestructible) black boxes recording the conditions before the crash and designed to withstand severe conditions. The American Government reported that all the black boxes were destroyed.

North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) defends the North American Aerospace against any possible attack such as nuclear missiles or hijacked airplanes. It is supposed to be the most sophisticated air defense in the whole World. In the case of hijacked airplanes, fighter jets accompany, and shoot them, if they would pose a threat greater than the lives of the passengers they carry. On September 11th, 2001, none of those fighter jets has taken off from the military air bases surrounding the Capital. The American Government knew that the two planes were hijacked for 36 and 43 minutes before they hit the World Trade Centre Towers I and II. That time was enough to shoot them down to protect the US capital city and area. This shows that the American Government knew exactly what the targets of the planes were, and it did allow it to happen. It is, also, clear that the NORAD was immobilized during the attack on the Capital.

The heat resulting from the two planes’ collision with the World Trade Towers was much less than needed to melt the steel frames of the Towers, which were designed to withstand a Boeing 474 collision, and the 21-meter deep underground steel columns of the bases. The planes collision with the Towers could have not caused their fall down inside wards as in controlled demolitions. The collapse of the Towers I and II was an artificial demolition, which requires calculated amounts of modern explosions to be attached to exact points of the buildings and their steel columns. Explosions are ignited at different times in an exact sequence; the building would fall down on itself in a matter of moments, upper floors first then lower ones in an exact sequence. The mass media aired only the governmental fake story. It is owned by very few interest groups, the same that “appoint” the Government. Experts believe that advanced explosions such as RDX or C-4 were used for the artificial demolition, and reacted with the buildings’ components, so that they were turned into white dust at destruction. Tower No. 7 fell in the same way, although it was not hit with anything. There is no single evidence that the Pentagon was hit by anything. FBI agents collected all security cameras’ video tapes around the Pentagon in the same manner they did with the videos taken by the public for the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Those films have never been seen. The demolition debris was removed from the crime seen right away without any forensic examination.


Anthrax was sent to and killed six Americans. The quality used could only have been produced in the USA. 18 scientists, who probably had contributed to its production, disappeared between 1 and 20 of November 2002.

Senator Paul Wellstone demanded a formal investigation of the events of September 11, 2001 to be conducted. On October 25, 2002, he and his family were killed in a plane accident. The American Government has not released the reasons of the accident.

Israeli employees working at the World Trade Centre did not go to work on the day of the attack. Others were arrested filming the Planes’ and the Towers’ explosions. This means that they knew in advance the time, place of what was going to happen.

Afghan War for the Caspian Sea Oil Reserves:

The Taliban movement was created and supported by the Pakistani Intelligent Service on behalf of the CIA to fight the Soviets and then to defeat all other competing Afghani fractions to rule Afghanistan supreme. On the 15th of August 2001, Taliban officials were negotiating with UNOCAL in Texas the rights to build pipelines to transport oil and natural gas from the Caspian Sea fields (one of the World’s richest reserves) over the Afghani soil. UNOCAL has strong connections with Halliburton, which was led by the current Vice President Dick Chaney, directly before his appoint as a vice president candidate. The Taliban officials have refused the American offer.

The George Bush Government/oil mafia decided to invade Afghanistan to reach the oil fields. The official public reason for invading Afghanistan had to be more ethical than the oil and its profits. American Government Agencies new that Al Qaida was planning for terror attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Capital area, and that their members were being trained at different American flight schools. Orders were given to ignore such information and not to take any preventative actions to provide the reason needed to invade Afghanistan. There is still a strong probability that the American Government has planned and performed the entire terror operation, as it did murder the former President John F. Kennedy. Some experts believe that Osama Ben Laden still works for the CIA, which helped him found his organization earlier, as he provides the perfect picture of the US enemy justifying all Government domestic and foreign policies. So, his elimination is not intended or desired, but just propaganda.

The current Afghani President, Hamid Karzai, is a former employee with UNOCAL. Both have signed the deal of building the pipeline to transport the Caspian Sea oil and natural gas, which the deposed Taliban had refused earlier. The war goal has been achieved. The Caspian Sea oil reserves in American hands with huge profits to American oil companies. Do not forget the billions of Dollars of profits to the arms producers and banks that lend the American Government to finance its wars. The American Government has spent $600 billion on the Afghanistan war. Experts believe that the total cost will reach $2.4 trillion. The American budget deficit has reached 9 trillion dollars recently. The Pentagon needs to test its new weapons on a regular basis in the real life (Wars).

The Bush family does business with huge profits with the Carlyle Group, assets of which are worth $76 billion. It is one of the biggest American weapon producers and has profited billions of Dollars from the American wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Ben Laden family, the second richest Family in Saudi Arabia, owned significant shares of the Carlyle Group, and has had a significant and profitable business relationship with the Bush family. They sold their shares after the attack on the World Trade Centre. Both families have profited from the Carlyle Group weapon sales and the wars waged by the American Government. This company hires powerful politicians such as the former American President Georg Bush, senior, James Baker, his Secretary of State, John Major, former British Prime Minister, and Colin Powel, former Secretary of State with the war President George W. Bush, Junior. With such a powerful team on board, it is able to affect the American Government policies to serve its interests, open closed doors, and make enormous profits. George Bush, senior, collects capital from his friends in the Arab Golf States to be invested by the Carlyle Group in weapon production used by George W. Bush, junior, to wage wars in different parts of the World. Bush, the father, uses his influence to open the doors in South Korea for Carlyle Investments, while Bush, the son, conducts business with this country’s leaders as the President of the USA.

On 11 September 2001, all American air ports were closed. No single air plane was allowed to take off, except the planes carried President George W. Bush’s friends, 24 members of the Ben Laden family and 118 of other Saudis. The total Saudi investments in the USA are $860 billion (6-7% of the total American assets) with deposits of a trillion dollars in the American Banks. Saudi Arabia buys its weapons from Carlyle, which trains the Saudi Kingdom Guards to protect the ruling family.

Another War for the Iraqi Oil:

On 19 September 2003, George W. Bush and America have invaded Iraq for the crime of possession of weapons of mass destruction. The American Government Officials, Secretary of State Colin Powel, lied to the entire World in front of the Security Council that there was a decisive evidence of the existence of such weapons. After the whole World discovered the American lie, the reason for the invasion has been changed to liberate Iraq from the dictator Saddam Husain and to democratize his country and the entire Middle East. Of course, the reason was not to secure the Iraqi oil for the American companies and economy. On 25 October 2007, the number of the Americans died have reached 3837 and the Iraqis 62006. 4.5 million Iraqis became homeless. In Afghanistan, 699 Americans have lost their lives. Notice: how the American democracy cherishes life.

The American Government borrows money to finance its imperialist wars. The American budget deficit has reached $9 trillion. Fact is that George W. Bush and his friends will not repay that enormous debt, but the deceived American citizens. The profits will go to the weapon producers/dealers, and the banks that lent the money to the Government. Do not forget the politicians who have shares and close business relationship with all those companies.

The American Government is the largest legal mafia in the entire World. Its purpose is to steal the American nation and other nations. Its tools are wars, assassinations, Coup d’états, lies, fraud, propaganda, mass media, and democracy games.

This is democracy, pride of the so called western free world. It seems to be the greatest fraud in the Human history.


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