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Hidden Rulers of the World

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Dr. Ahmed El-Meadawy



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Hidden Rulers of the World!!!

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المشروع الصهيونى العالمى و خدعة الديموقراطية

غُلَافُ كِتَابِ الْخِدْعَةِ الْصُّهْيُودِيمُوقْرَاطِيَّةِ VII

 لقراءة الكتاب إضغط على الرابط التالى

الْمَشْرُوعُ الْصُّهْيُونِىُّ الْعَالَمِىُّ وَ خُدْعَةُ الْدِّيمُوقْرَاطِيَّةِ

تم توقيع عقد نشر الكتاب ورقيا مع المكتبة الأكاديمية – 121 شارع التحرير بالدقى، القاهرة، مصر، يوم 3 مارس 2015، و يحظر نشر أو إستنساخ أى فقرات من هذا الكتاب بدون إذن كتابى من الناشر



غ الصهيونية copy.jpg

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Dr. Ahmed El-Meadawy

20 February 2011

The dog is the best man’s friend from the World of Animals, though; humans belong to the same Kingdom, biologically. In return for feeding a dog it provides its master with an absolute and eternal loyalty. It obeys the master’s orders even if that would cost it its life. The price of such loyalty is really cheap.

The World of dogs does not have moral standards such as right and wrong, compassion and brutality, justice and injustice, honesty and corruption, beauty and ugliness, good and bad, etc. The only thing that controls a dog’s feelings and behavior is its direct needs such as hunger, thirst, the need for a shelter, warmth, a kind treatment, and satisfying those needs by its master in exchange for the unconditional and unlimited loyalty a dog provides.

The relationship between a dependent human being and his or her master is similar to the relation between a dog and its owner. A subordinate person provides the master with almost an absolute loyalty and remains fearful from the master’s power and the loss his or her favor and employment in exchange for the very little the boss pays him or her. In most cases, the price of such an unconditional submission is a very poor wage. In other circumstances, the reward could be different levels of wealth, power, and prominence that raise the servant to the position of a master of his own over other subordinates. Such a servant is a mercenary with two factors controlling his or her behavior and morals which are the mercenariness and fear from the paymaster. Those are the same two factors that control the relation between a dog and its owner.




It is estimated that human beings have inhabited the Planet Earth for the past five million years. The relation between masters and servants has not changed much, but, evolved and became more complicated with the advancement of time and civilizations. The stronger used or enslaved the weaker utilizing power, physical and mental strength, oppression, murder, assassination, victories in battles, wars, destruction of homes and properties, torture, terror, fear, deception, bribery, wickedness, spying, intelligence, alliances, theft, robbery, and employment of others’ bodies and souls.

The term of human civilizations describes the human successes in the creation of advanced and complicated societies that have provided higher and better levels of satisfaction of human needs. The source of such achievements has always been technological advancements that allowed the increase and improvement of the quantity and quality of production tools, products available, consumption of the offered goods, trade, tools and ways of transportation and distribution of people and goods, engineering, construction, production of weapons and their devastating effects, war tactics and strategies, science, arts, medicine, theorizing, exploitation of natural resources, human efficiency at work, production, and thinking. Those accomplishments have been associated with the evolution and advancement of social structures and methods of governance.

The term “human civilizations” gives a perfect positive, but, deceptive impression because of the dark component that has associated all civilizations that invaded, murdered, terrorized, robbed, destroyed, mistreated, exploited, enslaved, and violated and impoverished many human beings and destroyed their lives, homes, lands, properties, dignities, and caused them to suffer in order to acquire more wealth, power, land, prestige, satisfaction of the human unlimited vanity, desires, and arrogance. All civilizations owned armies for defense, aggression, invasions, expansion, colonization of other people and lands, and the spread of fear and terror.

Human civilizations have always needed and created mercenary jobs and functions for production, education, administration, various states’ bureaucracies, taxation, physical and mental control of subjects and subordinates, oppression of the ruled human populations, recruitment of servants, states’ clerks, and soldiers in order to serve and protect, mainly, the interests of the master and the ruling class and to serve the public interest if that has not contradicted with serving the rulers’ interests. Soldiers have functioned as protectors of the master and the collaborative classes and enforcers of their will upon the subdued masses.

Soldiers constitute the building blocks of armies that secure the dominant political, social, economic, and military structures of an existing state or empire and to invade other nations to expand and increase the power, wealth, and status of the ruling master and his or her control over more people and territories. At the same time, mercenaries benefit from serving their masters. Old and modern empires have resulted from such human civilizations. Employees such as teachers, philosophers, thinkers, consultants, writers, and journalists formulate and mold the public brain, how the masses think, their morals, culture, theories, habits, societal and behavioral standards, and public opinion to suite and serve the interests of the ruler and the ruling classes. All those servants are mercenaries who work for pay, not for personal convictions, morals, and the common good of all people. In addition, they use the powers, available to them to serve the rulers’ interests, to satisfy their personal needs and desires such as the accumulation of fortunes, power, and prestige at the expense of the underprivileged subordinate masses. Mercenaries run states and societies, legislate, and enforce law and order over the ruled masses. However, such functions are performed within the broader frame of serving the interests of the dictator and the ruling classes and maximizing their benefits and, then, serving the personal interests of the mercenaries themselves.



Mercenary soldiers use physical force and weapons to, legally, secure a ruler of a society, oppress his or her enemies and dissidents, and eliminate or marginalize any threats to his or her power, regime, helpers, their interests and wealth in return for a very poor payment, in most cases, that increases with the advancement of the mercenaries within the Pyramid Social Structure of Power and Mercenariness to incredible fortunes. The sovereign determines what is legal and what is not. Certainly, everything that serves the master’s interests becomes legal, and the opposite is correct. Masters divided the mercenaries they employed among internal security and military forces. Members of the security forces secure the ruler and his supporting classes while serving their own personal interests such as acquiring wealth, power, career advancements, and finally joining the ranks of the ruling classes. Those internal security forces have several descriptions as police, security, secret police, intelligence, or law enforcement. They are further specialized as societies advance and enforce law and order exempting members of the ruling classes, their families, friends, acquaintances, superiors, and bribe payers. Exchange of favors is a corner stone of the entire system. However, if you have nothing to offer, most probably you cannot participate in the game. As a result, the interests of both the rulers and the serving mercenaries become united and both form the Untouchable Class. The mercenaries’ interests are served with variable levels depending on their position within the Social Pyramid of Power.

Mercenary security forces destroy any threats or attempts to remove the rulers and servants. Such protection includes assassinations, torture, terror, humiliation, imprisonment, harassment, and spying against the ruled masses, especially, dissidents and challengers, who are deprived from governmental jobs and prevented from earning a living. To be able to perform an exceptional job in oppressing the ruled masses, security forces and mercenaries receive from the master all the powers they need to achieve their goals. Those powers are used, at the same time, to serve the mercenaries’ self-interests such as accumulating personal fortunes, terrorizing personal enemies, committing secret crimes, being above the societies’ laws, illegal protection of family members, friends, superiors, and bribe payers. The latter are the main source for the creation of personal wealth. Corruption has, therefore, been just an indispensable element of every human society throughout the entire human history. Security forces and mercenaries are the law, itself, as they are its creators and enforcers. That makes them untouchable and could never be accountable for their actions. They implement the law whenever they please, but, exempt, also, whomever they wish for a price or as a personal compliment. Corruption remains the same among all human nations. However, its expression and intensity varies depending on the culture, habits, and the development level of each particular society. Many believe falsely that corruption of the Third World countries is more than that of the developed nations. The opposite is true because the developed nations’ corruption is much more sophisticated and destructive as their hidden untouchable masters rule the entire World and determine what happens inside and with the underdeveloped nations. Those untouchable invisible rulers of the World collect the most benefits of the complex World corruption whereby the ruling untouchables of the developing nations play the role of the underdogs and mercenaries. The ruling Untouchables have several faces within every society. One deceptive face is for the subdued masses; another real one among themselves. The deceptive face for the ruled masses contradicts the propaganda advertising that the rulers are serving the ruled masses’ best interests, although, the truth is the opposite. The masses are led to serve the rulers’ interests such as serving as soldiers to secure the ruling regime and fighting wars on its behalf for reasons that only serve the rulers’ interests. So, the mentioned two faces of the ruling classes contradict each other in purpose. The one offered to the local and international public has always been deceptive, but, most important for maintaining control over the ruled masses. Governance is the art of deception and has many faces.

Mercenaries have specialized functions and provide their masters with unlimited loyalty. They compete to prove their faithfulness in order to be able to rise within the Pyramid Social Structure of Power and Wealth at the expense of the ruled masses. Lack of loyalty and demonstrable proof of faithfulness threatens their positions within the entire system. Losing the master’s favor might result in retributions such as the ones the oppressed massed suffer from like deprivation of the possibility to earn a living, imprisonment, torture, murder, or another action depending on the particular conditions of each society.



Personal interest has ever been the driving force behind all human actions and for a person’s function as a mercenary since the very beginning of the human history and does not seem to change until the end of mankind’s life. The soldier has always been the strongest and clearest example for the mercenary relationship between the human servant and his or her master. The master has used his physical and mental strength and the power of his clan, tribe, or state to force the poor males of his society to play the role of soldiers to protect the ruler and the ruling class, to build armies to defend the tribe, state, kingdom, or empire, and to invade other people and nations to rob their properties, wealth and increase the master’s power, control over more people and lands, wealth, and vanity. The enslaved soldier have never had the right to refuse service that has been deceptively called homeland service, patriotism, heroism, defense of principles (freedom is used in modern time), religion, God, and noble ideas. The military forced or voluntary profession has always been based on blind obedience of orders. A refusal to follow instructions would lead to court martial trials and severe punishments such as the death penalty. Roman soldiers were executed at the spot during battles if they hesitated to face enemy soldiers or tried to escape. That same terror system is still the basis for all existing militaries and aims to secure the brainless obedience of mercenaries. In modern countries, where the death sentence has been abolished, severe penalties are still in place. Such a soldier’s loyalty is sufficient in most cases to provide a moderate income to permit a poor or reasonable life. In return, the soldier fights the masters battles to defend the homeland, own nation, noble principles, religion, or any other fabricated justification to conduct the murderous military or security business serving the real interests of the ruler and the ruling class.

During battles, the soldier kills, destroys, mutilates, and disables innocent people defending themselves, destroys their lives, livelihood, countries, and rob their properties, wealth, and lands on behalf of his master. As people defend themselves, lives, properties, and nations, the soldier gets killed, maimed, or disabled. As a result, he loses the ability to fight, work, and earn a living. He is rewarded by pronouncing him a hero or with nothing at all, except, forgetfulness. The triumphant ruler collects his rewards of extra power, wealth, and prestige. Mercenaries and their families wake up and realize the extent of the corruption they have spread upon Earth and its people on behalf of their master when the soldiers’ corpses return home in caskets, disappear forever, or return alive but disabled and maimed. At that time, they discover how cheap their pay had been in return for their losses and the crimes they have committed.

Soldiers climb the military Pyramid Structure of Power, Wealth, and Prestige when they prove absolute loyalty to the master and the ruling class and proficiency in serving their interests and strengthening their power and control of the ruled masses. To achieve that, they show extreme brutality and commit barbaric crimes against dissidents, the suppressed masses, and potential challengers. In most cases that happens in secrecy to avoid the spread of dissatisfaction among the oppressed masses and rebellions when they feel threatened. Other rulers let their soldiers terrorize, murder, torture, massacre, and destroy the oppressed dissident masses openly to spread horror among them as a warning and to discourage revolutions. That kind of open terror had been used in Latin America during most of the 20th century with the political, financial, and military support of the USA. The open oppression was used mainly because of the American support that made the oppressors feel invincible as the American Super Power had been supporting their regimes. All those regimes had fallen and could not prevent the crushed masses from rising up. The American support to terror and tyranny did not help in the long run.

Many rulers rise from the ranks of the Military Mercenary Pyramid Structure. After proving ultimate faithfulness to the master and extreme brutality with his or her enemies and the oppressed masses, they are entrusted and given unlimited powers to allow them to be able to perform their tyrannical jobs and maintain the master’s control over the people, state, or empire. They use such trust and gained powers to commit the first and last treason against the ruler to remove and replace him. Such coup d’états have been repeated very often throughout the human history, is a significant element of the historical political game, and, therefore, the brutality of the military rulers keeps intensifying in an attempt to secure their positions at the top of the Social Pyramid of Power and Mercenariness and to prevent the repetition of the treachery. One tool to remove a ruler is his assassination as it happened with the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar and many other Roman Emperors of his time. However, the price of a coup d’état’s failure is murderous. The head of the rebellion and many associates are executed and many helpers are destroyed. More oppressive security measures are taken to prevent recurrence of such coup d’états’ attempts. The game has always been bloody and brutal. All measures to secure the master and his servants are taken deceptively in the name of the nation’s and homeland’s security. The criminal ruler unifies himself and his regime with the nation and the state he is exploiting and terrorizing to gain a legitimate label in the minds of the ruled masses. Any opposition to the master and his or her regime becomes treachery to the nation and homeland. Some masters unify themselves with God (as enforcers of God’s will and rules) because many people do not dare opposing God and his doctrines. In most, if not all, cases, the ruler is the main enemy of his nation and country.

When a coup d’état succeeds and a new military ruler replaces the defeated one, it is possible that the ruling class changes loyalty and chose to support the new master to be able to maintain their previous privileged status. The new ruler needs their expertise to be able to govern, keep and strengthen his new powers, impose his will upon the subdued masses, and gain a complete control over his new state and people. The new master as anyone else propagates to the oppressed people that all the measures he has taken are to serve their and the country’s interests. He is just a servant. The deceptive unification of the master with the nation and country is most important for the perception of and accepting his legitimacy.

The military profession has been misleadingly associated with honor, although, there is no honor in the business of murder, terror, robbery, invasion, destruction, and mercenariness in order to establish and expand a rulers’ and a classes’ power, wealth, and prestige at the expense of oppressed people, and the spread of corruption on Earth.

In the modern time, governments became more wicked and sophisticated, especially, after the American defeat in Vietnam. The US ruling class replaced the old fashioned forced recruitment of soldiers to serve the American Empire’s interests with much more refined and efficient ways based on the wealth available and the ability to spend incredible fortunes on the modern military and soldiers. The soldier profession became an attractive and well paid employment with benefits and privileges such as free education and health care for the mercenary and his family at the expense of the taxpayers.

Because mankind are the only creatures that possess moral standards such as right and wrong, good and bad, beautiful and ugly, compassion and brutality, justice and injustice, and value and worthlessness, human loyalty varies from dogs’ faithfulness to their masters. It seems that religion is the main source of human ethics. Therefore, human mercenariness requires the force of conviction to efficiently function. That is why the ruling classes have created new mercenary occupations such as teachers, religious clerks, thinkers, philosophers, journalists, university professors, political consultants, think tanks’ experts, movie makers, book publishers, news producers, and writers, to form the ruled masses’ minds and convince them that the rulers are serving their best interests. They mold people’s views of the surrounding World, culture, habits, social and political ideas, and convince them that the interests of the ruling class are the best for them, even if wars, death, destruction, poverty, and terror are included. The mercenary experts produce the suitable propaganda to legitimize and enforce the ruler’s policies and actions and label them as logical, patriotic, ethical, humane, religious, and indispensable. They provide the ruled masses with logical, moral, religious, and practical reasons, for example, for invading other nations and countries, killing, enslaving, torturing, terrorizing, and exploiting the newly invaded and colonized people, destruction and theft of their properties, lands, cities, villages, and livelihood. They produce the moral backing for the ruler’s actions for pay. The bottom line and core function of those mercenary thinkers’ jobs is to brain wash the ruled masses’ minds to support or, at least, accept serving the rulers’ interests. In most, if not all, cases the masses own interests are the opposite of their masters’ interests.

The USA invaded Vietnam with forced recruited soldiers who did not have any choice except to obey orders. One of the rare exceptions had been Mohammad Ali, the most famous heavy weight boxing champion. He refused to participate in the slaughter of another poor nation to satisfy the American imperial vanity and to fill the weapon producers’ and bankers’ coffers with money. The American Government deprived him from his World Champion Title, harassed, and prevented him from competing during his prime age and performance. Such a rebellion was impossible for less fortunate and prominent Americans, who killed, destroyed, died, or became disabled in order to satisfy the American imperial interests and unlimited desire for profits. The mercenary thinkers fabricated the moral causes of the war such as defending “freedom” and the “Free World”.

That war caused death, disabling, and disfigurement of millions of Vietnamese, Cambodians, Laotians, and Americans, and left those poor countries (Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos) in a condition of a complete destruction whose effects are still felt today. According to Vietnamese estimates, the war had cost them 3 million killed, 300,000 missing, 4.4 million wounded, and 2 million harmed by toxic chemicals; and its land was left ravaged by bombs and Rome plows as well as chemical weapons. 500,000 Vietnamese children may have been born with dioxin-related deformities. The American losses were 58,000 killed and 304,704 wounded. Although by 1969, it had become clear to most of the World and most Americans that the invasion of Vietnam had been a disastrous mistake, the US Air Force, between 1961 and 1971, sprayed 6 million acres of Vietnamese crops and trees with the toxic Agent Orange, super tear gas CS, napalm and phosphorus bombs. This ruined more than 3.8 million acres of arable land in South Vietnam, killing almost 1,000 peasants and over 13,000 livestock. That was a savage revenge for the expected American defeat. Although the Vietnamese nation was one of the poorest and less developed nations on Earth at that time, they had defeated the mighty American Super Power at a horrendous expense. The shamelessness of some American mercenary thinkers has reached blaming the Vietnamese of having been the aggressors and demanded financial compensation to be paid to the peace loving American Government! Other mercenary thinkers accused the American and Western Media of being the reason for the American defeat because they had exposed the war’s brutality and its murderous effects on all the massacred soldiers, aggressors and defenders, and civilians. That caused a great opposition to the war among the American masses who rebelled against their own democratic government. American opposition demonstrations and fights with the American mercenary security forces spread on the American streets and on the TV throughout the USA. The American Government was willing to continue the war indefinitely, but, the pressure of the internal mass opposition to the war led to the American capitulation in front of the determined Vietnamese will to defend their homeland. The winners have always been the weapon producers and bankers that lent the Government the money to finance the American wars. The losers have always been the dead, maimed, destroyed, and their families. Politicians have always been paid mercenaries who sell their souls to the devil for pay.

The Vietnam War resulted in the death and disability of hundreds of thousands of American soldiers. Their families and friends rebelled against the war and encouraged many others to oppose it. The new revolutionary media such as TV, radio, written media, and the spread of news instantly as events unfolded became a new factor within the equation of war and terror for the first time in human history. The American Imperialism suffered a significant setback as the mighty U.S. military had been humiliated by a very simple and poor nation. The answer had been the invention of the modern professional military machinery to solve the problem of forcing young men to go to wars against their will and the resulting local mass dissatisfaction that led to the end of the Vietnam War against the will of the American ruling classes. The American Government, and later all its allied countries, had not forced Americans anymore to join the U.S. military. The soldier profession has become a very well paid job that is offered and marketed to the poor and underprivileged American classes. In addition, soldiers and their families receive further free benefits such as college or university education, health care, and other privileges.

The new imperialist military machinery offers the sons and daughters of the underprivileged, undereducated, unemployed, and poor classes new opportunities to advance within the Pyramid Social Structure of the society by being employed as mercenary soldiers. The business of death and destruction is marketed most professionally empathizing the material benefits of serving in the military and playing down the devastating aspects such as the possibility of getting killed, disabled, and maimed as a result of the continuous and constant American imperial wars for profit and domination. No one cares about the other victims’ losses. Those are the invaded nations such as the Vietnamese, Arabs, and Afghanis. They have always been destroyed for noble reasons. The new mercenary soldiers of the modern professional armies cannot complain about death and disability because joining the military has been their own choice. The broader public does not spill a tear for their losses for the same reason. The living, disabled, or dead mercenary soldiers are propagated as heroes for serving the homeland and the noble principles of the ruling class that does not send its children to die in wars. The murderous business is left to the children of the underprivileged classes.

The material rewards of military mercenariness are not sufficient to secure the public support including the mercenary soldiers themselves as humans must have moral bases for their actions, killing other people, and destroying their livelihood. Something very important is missing which is the mind molding function of the mercenary thinkers such as writers, journalists, movie makers, TV and radio station propagandists, Hollywood movie producers, university professors, teachers, movie stars, news producers, philosophers, thinkers, think tanks’ experts, book publishers, researchers, and propaganda experts. They educate the public how to think, give it morals, attitudes, social and economic habits, and life goals. The bottom line is brain washing the ruled masses including the mercenary soldiers to support or, at least, accept serving the interests of the ruling classes. The mercenary thinkers legitimize the rulers’ policies and actions and label them as logic, moral, and indispensable. They provide reasons for impoverishing the ruled classes, massacring other nations and own soldiers, and what so ever necessary to serve the interests of the paymasters. The entire mercenary thinking business brands the rulers’ policies as serving the best interests of the ruled masses and even the entire humanity, which is in most, if not all, cases a deception. The real purposes of the rulers’ policies are hidden. The common man has no clue about them, whereby the free democratic mass media play the most important collaborative deceptive role as they are owned by the same invisible ruling masters of democracy. The democratic mass media is the collective structure from which the mercenary thinkers practice their brain washing function against the ruled masses. So, the business of governing is the art of manipulation and deceiving the governed people to get them to support or accept serving the secret rulers’ interests.

The modern time has added an advantageous element in serving the interests of the ruling classes. That is the equality of women and men that allowed females to occupy most of the jobs that men used to fill including the military. Now, women from the underprivileged classes join the American and allied militaries for the same reasons that cause young men to become soldiers. The good thing for the imperialist Western Democracies is the increase of the human reservoir from which the military machinery recruits mercenaries as the modern warfare depends much less on the physical strength of the fighting force and more on technology, electronics, machines, and modern sciences. Therefore, women can play an equal role to men in the mercenary bloody business of death and destruction. Well, if you do not like my description, you can call it the business of honor, defending the homeland, principles, freedom, the Free World, Democracy, or religion. The end result is the same death and devastation. Beneficiaries are the international bankers, weapon producers, politicians, and more mercenaries.

Since the beginning of the history of mankind, the ruling classes have needed the services of the mercenary thinkers to convince the ruled nations of the correctness, wisdom, and legitimacy of the rulers in serving the ruled masses’ interests and their noble causes and honorable morals. The slaughter of millions in Latin American occurred in the name of resisting the spread of Communism inside the South American Continent. The Afghanistan invasion happened to fight terror, while the main cause of terror on the Earth is the USA and its Western Democratic allies. The invasion of Iraq was to find and remove weapons of mass destruction that top American politicians swore and assured the entire World’s population in front of the UN Security Council of its existence and danger for the international peace and stability. When no traces of those WMD could be found, the same politicians had not even apologized for lying to the entire international community as the Democratic World’s politicians like to describe all nations and countries inhabiting the Planet Earth. The democratic mercenary thinkers did not find any shame in changing the goal of the invasion and the reformulation of the military moral philosophy, after it had happened, to the noble desire to remove the tyrant Saddam Hossein to relieve the Iraqi oppressed nation from his massacres and corruption. Of course, they had to hide the facts that the Democratic World under the leadership of the USA and its consecutive governments had created and maintained him in power by arming his regime and providing international political support during his invasion of the neighboring Iran on behalf of the Western Democracies. They hid that he had been supported as long as he had served the imperialist interests of the Western World and even that the USA, in particular the Regan regime and his defense (aggression) minister Donald Rumsfeld provided Saddam with WMD (gift gas) to use against the Iranians and his own powerless oppressed civilian Kurdish population violating all international conventions of the prohibition of the proliferation of WMD and using it, especially for aggression and against civilians. The real and main purpose had been satisfying Zionist and Israeli interests and a minority of the American politicians (Neo-Conservatives) to prolong the imperial life of the dying US Empire by stationing its superior forces in strategic location of the World, main oil supplying countries, and ways of its transportation. The main purpose of such a policy had been controlling other competing industrialized and developed nations and countries, as those countries’ needs of energy depend on the Middle East oil supply, mainly, while the Middle East provides the USA with a minor portion of its energy needs. That had been documented in a hidden official American document named the American Grand Imperial Strategy for the 21st Century. After the removal of Saddam, the American and Israeli political elite regretted the grave mistake of removing the most viable buffer against the threat of an Iranian expansion of its Islamic revolution to the Arab World that is very much receptive to the removal of its puppet regimes serving the Democratic World and Israeli interests at the expense of the interests of their own population. The ruling classes in all the mentioned countries and nations are making money, anyway, from all and every democratic policy. Mercenaries are making money in the same way. The mercenary American and allied soldiers’, alive, dead, or maimed, are rewarded by being described as heroes. The role of the mercenary thinkers and experts, here, is indispensable. Note, here, that the Democratic Imperialism launches wars, murder human beings, destroy countries and livelihoods, and then, try to find a reason for invading other nations. When those reasons are weak and unconvincing, mercenary thinkers revise them after the action of death and destruction starts.

One of the most important characteristics of the Mercenary Thinking and Creation of Propaganda is shamelessness in the fabrication of ideas and theories and falsification of facts, events, information, history, political goals and purposes of wars and invasions, states’ politics and policies, and the formulation of the minds of the ruled victims.

They are, also, not embarrassed from mocking the living or dead victims of their masters’ aggression and exploitation as long as they make a living from that. Freedom fighters and defenders of homelands and nations are called terrorists. One of the most annoying kinds of resistance to the Democratic Imperialism is the suicide bombers. TV programs are produced to mock them as stupid human beings who like to die for stupid causes. They hide the real reasons for their actions that they die for principles and as a result of losing all what a human being could lose at the hands of the democratic American Governments and their allies. The do not fight for pay like the democratic mercenaries.

The Industrial Revolution had not been the only reason for the wealth gathered by the Europeans and their empires between the 18th and 20th Centuries, but also, the use of its results to invade, colonize, murder, and rob other less advanced nations. A moral and logical reasoning was required for the business of the creation of empires and murdering and robbing other nations. That was the Darwinist Evolution Theory. The English Charles Darwin observed animals and concluded that animals equipped with better biological tools allowing them to continue existing and succeed in the continuous fight for survival within the Animal Kingdom escape extinction by other animals/predators or/and unsuitable natural conditions and impose their ability to survive at the expense of other less equipped animals to face the constant fight for survival that fail to exist and become extinct. That is the Darwinist Theory of the Survival of the Fittest. That theory was very useful for the developed Europeans to eliminate other weaker nations and to divide mankind into different races with different surviving abilities instead of just one human race with different levels of development. That had been the moral and logical reason to launch their guns, military navy, iron, fire, and mercenary soldiers to eliminate or exploit the weaker nations. That had been consistent with the laws of nature as Darwin had formulated. Some mercenary thinkers expanded their theories when exposed to nations with darker skin colors that those people had darker skins because of sins they committed in their previous lives which had justified further punishment by killing and exploiting them and their homelands. That superstitious religious idea contradicted the Darwinist scientific attempt to explain life on Earth, but, that did not matter as long as it served the interests of the paymasters. The conclusion had been implementing nature and God’s laws by the conquering Europeans against the entire human population of the Planet Earth.




The only difference between the dog and human loyalty to their master is the mercenary thinkers. A dog’s owner does need to convince his dog to preserve loyalty to the master. In contrast, human beings have created and maintained moral value systems as bases for human actions, attitudes, thinking, relationships, and behavior. The human being needs to be convinced to stay loyal to a master. This is why; the rulers and ruling classes are in constant and continuous need to formulate the minds of the ruled masses to gain their support or acceptance of their actions and policies. Murder, destruction, terror, and the exploitation of the ruled nations and the weak are, all, actions that need moral and logical reasoning to avoid their revolt and the removal of the dominating Social Pyramid Structure of Wealth and Power. For example, a murderer would not like to be described as a butcher. Instead, a more romantic portrayal would be a noble and courageous fighter. Both depictions refer to the action of killing.

The democratic reasoning for the Zionist Israeli theft of Arab lands, destruction of their homes, resources, and livelihood, and the massacre of the original inhabitants by immigrant Zionists during the past 60 years has been compensating the Zionist nation for the Holocaust the Jews had suffered at the hand of Nazi Germany during the World War II. The real motives are never offered to the free democratic nations, the democratic fools. If they knew, they would change the current World Order, after they discover the incredible level of deception and fabrication their entire lives are based upon.

The British Queen/Impress Victoria used to explain the British invasion and colonization of the weaker and less developed nations of the World, slaughtering their populations (the aboriginal inhabitants of North America, for example), robbing their resources and wealth, and playing the main role in enslaving 10-11 million West African locals and killing the same number during the process of enslaving them to be sold as slaves to the North American new European invaders of the East American coast to work for free and build the modern American “civilization” and the annihilation of almost most the native North American inhabitants and replacing them with new European colonizers as spreading Christianity and civilization among people of the uncivilized World. The Queen/Impress and her mercenary thinkers concealed the real reasons for the creation and expansion of the British Empire that had been the desire for the creation of wealth, acquiring more power and control of most of the World’s human population, their resources, and lands using the advanced British naval and military power.




A few human beings do not participate in the mercenary game and do not allow themselves to be used as tools in the hands of the masters and the ruling classes to steal, impoverish, deceive, terrorize, destroy and kill other people and to spread human corruption in the World in return of a despicable pay or may be a more valuable reward. They do not sell themselves to whoever pays to buy their manpower and souls. Here is the core difference between dog and human loyalty. Human loyalty is not absolute. People revolt against corruption, aggression, injustice, massacres, robbery, masters, ruling classes, and their mercenary servants. What is the driving force behind such an honorable attitude and action? It is, also, individual personal interests, moral values, and human determination and power. In most cases, the mercenaries destroy that kind of mankind or try to marginalize them on behalf of their paymasters according to the prevailing circumstances. At certain seldom moments of human history, the non-mercenaries succeed in changing the path of human history and enforce a better life quality for all humanity. Just watch the mass revolutions that are engulfing nations of the, former dead, Middle East right now. They have, at last, overcome their fears from the democratic supported corrupt tyrants, but, the question is, what next, Democracy?

There is no doubt that the present World population suffers less from the rulers’ corruption than that in the past. Some enjoy the new invention of respect of human rights, freedom of expression (only in theory), civility, equality, some justice, and much higher living standards in addition to the recognition and the fight for the rights of the future generations, and the right of a clean Earth and environment. Even animals have rights recognized and respected among some nations. Most of the World population is deprived from those rights and principles, but, recognizes and fights to acquire them. The existence and respect of those rights among a few nations raised the moral, political, social, and economic standards expected by all nations of the World who are denied them. That constitutes a pressure upon the rulers in all corners of the modern World to accept and implement them.

Further pressures upon the ruling classes have been added due to the technological advancements in communications that spread information about revolutions, wars, invasions, foreign interventions in other nations’ affairs, destructions, assassinations, workers’ strikes, popular demonstrations, popular uprisings, resistance to occupation and oppression, nations’ fights against rulers’ corruption, resistance against imperialism, poverty, violations of the mentioned human and animal rights, and brutalities at the speed as events happen among the entire World’s population. That leads to the spread of nations’ actions of dissatisfaction against the corruption of the ruling classes and their mercenaries. As a result, the importance of the function of the mercenary thinkers has increased to counter affect the actions of the broad World population. That resulted in the increase of the number and diversity of the specialization of the mercenary thinkers. They penetrated all sectors of human societies to convince the ruled masses that the rulers’ and their servants’ actions serve the masses’ best interests, which is not true.




Corrupt rulers, ruling classes, and their mercenary servants almost never end in jails or bear responsibility for their crimes against millions of their victims from the ruled masses. Keep in mind the consequences of wars, invasions, and economic and financial manipulations to benefit the ruling classes at the expense of millions (billions is more accurate) of the World’s population. The ruling classes and their mercenary servants are the law since they enact and enforce it. They are above the law, practically. They hate openness and do everything possible to keep their crimes and corruption hidden from the eyes of the ruled masses due to the moral values that guide human beings in general that contradict with the corruption of the master classes and their mercenary servants. For example, no rulers’ mercenary servants such as presidents and prime ministers of states would tell the public that a democratic nation is going to war so that the international bankers, weapon producers, and some politicians could make some extra profits at the expense of hundreds of thousands or millions of dead and maimed soldiers of both the invaders and invaded, in addition, to the destruction and horrors of wars. No politician would tell the public what policies he or she had to enforce as a payback for the donation they received to run election campaigns and occupy their offices. No one would reveal how much bribes they had received for enacting and enforcing certain laws that benefit a particular company or sector of the society. No one would tell you how much money they have in their Swiss bank accounts hidden from the public eyes where no state or law enforcement authority could investigate the sources of such fortunes. All that and much more are kept secret because people know that profiting from an office is an abuse of power and corruption. Even all countries’ laws include criminalization of abuse of power and office to enrich oneself. Therefore, using a public office to satisfy personal interests have to be kept secret. Have you noticed the global democratic governmental outrage against WikiLeaks’ revelations of some limited democratic governmental secrets? The democratic mercenary rulers argue that such exposure of some incomplete facts and truths endanger the democratic national security. They mean that the democratic citizens/fools should live in the darkness of their ignorance to stay safe!

But, why do people create and maintain ethical value systems to measure their attitudes and behavior and judge others accordingly? Religion might be an important source for human morals. However, there is no doubt that the, same, individual human personal interest is the strongest and deepest driving force behind the ethical value systems for mankind in general. Every human being imagines him- or herself in the same position of other people because there is always a possibility that he or she can, practically, experience the same conditions others are already subjected to. It is impossible to exclude that one would never suffer from the same circumstances other people are going through. The way others are treated could be applied one day against everyone else. The circumstances facing others could, also, face me. Therefore, all human beings seem to desire that everyone is treated the way they wish to be treated themselves. The theft, exploitation, and impoverishment of, deceiving, terrorizing, torturing, and killing others, and destroying their lives and livelihoods constitute a threat to everyone who does not suffer from those crimes directly because there is no guaranty that such actions would not face the outsiders someday. Therefore, the noblest human morals for the entire human population on the Planet Earth are the ones that suite oneself best. People kill and eat animals, but, they do not do the same with other human beings (cannibalism). Why is that? It is unmoral and criminal, but, why? The real and deeper reason is every individual human being’s self-interest. If man could be killed and eaten by another stronger human; that would constitute a grave threat to the life and safety of every other existing human being. That is why the entire human population in every corner of the World criminalizes cannibalism. What is not acceptable for me should not be acceptable for others. What is not good for others, is, also, not good for me. In contrast, killing and eating non-human animals do not pose any threat to humans and therefore it is ethical and legal. But, what is the position of people who do not belong to the general public of mankind? What are the morals of the ruling classes who do not belong to the ruled masses? What is the position of mercenaries? The latter two groups of people’s self-interests are interconnected with each other and contradict the interests of the governed masses. The interests of the ruling classes and their mercenary servants are the opposite of the interests of the fooled public. Think of the soldier who dies or becomes disabled in order that bankers, politicians, and arms producers make astronomical profits. It is clear that the interests of both mentioned groups of people are the opposite. What causes the soldier and his family an eternal grief causes the ruling classes an ultimate satisfaction. In order to have a well-paying job as a mercenary soldier or thinker, other people have to be cheated, manipulated, impoverished, suffer, and die. Having a job is not as simple as it seems to be. What effect does that job has on others’ lives and livelihood? Mercenaries need the help of the mercenary thinkers to make it OK to be able to perform their mercenary jobs.

The free flow of information in the modern World at the speed as crimes and the corruption of the ruling classes occur against any isolated group of the ruled masses in any of the World’s corners threatens people who are not directly involved in those events in the other ends of the World because it cannot be excluded that such crimes and corruption would never reach them. One of the most effective tools that the ruling classes and their mercenaries have used since the Middle Ages to overcome solidarity among the ruled masses against the crimes of the rulers against one of the human groups have been dividing mankind into different isolated groups, clans, tribes, nations, and races to convince every individual group of people that it is safe, would not suffer from what the others are facing, and what applies to the others would not apply to that particular (special) group. Modern Europeans and Americans have used an extremely superior social and political technique of divide and conquer/colonize.

The ruled masses are not always innocent victims of their own rulers. They can be used by the masters as collective mercenaries when invading and colonizing other nations as they find new job opportunities to become mercenary servants of the aggressors to govern the conquered and colonized nations. They become mercenary soldiers and officials oppressing the ruled masses of the colonized populations. Security forces are needed to suppress rebellions of the invaded people, and colonial clerks are needed to govern them. Colonial investors are needed to conduct the business of generating profits for the invading ruling classes in return for their colonial investment. Invading other nations costs money that has to generate profits. The invaded nations’ ruling and ruled classes provide new mercenaries to collaborate with the invaders. Mercenaries sell themselves to anyone who pays. There are no ethical mercenaries; however, there are ignorant people, who do not understand the effects of their jobs on the lives of other human beings. The eternal fact will never cease to function, that self-interest is still the driving force for everyone involved in the mercenary equation, human desires, and behavior. In the modern time, the European Colonialism and its American continuation formed the modern time Western democratic colonial alliance that contributed to the wealth of those nations by colonizing and imposing their will upon other less developed people. The ruled masses of the aggressor nations collaborated as mercenaries with their masters for their own self-interest to govern the oppressed conquered nations.

Freedom of expression is a right for the ruled masses that had been gained, only in theory, in the modern time, that, in fact, is only used to manipulate them rather than allowing them to receive honest and true information. That freedom of expression is used in the modern democracies in a very selective way so that the tool of spreading information, opinion, thoughts, and concepts are only given to mercenaries serving the interests of the ruling classes. Only in theory, everyone is free to express his or her opinion and announce whatever he or she likes to the open World, however, only the rulers’ mercenaries are given the tools to spread the propaganda that serves the interests of the ruling classes. Those tools are called the mass media that educate the public what is right and what is wrong, how to think, and what is good and what is bad. The mass media is owned by the ruling classes and brain wash the masses’ minds by the mercenaries to support or at least accept the democratic policies of the rulers that in most cases contradict the interests of the ruled masses. In other words, mercenaries are given the microphone to brain wash the public mind on behalf of the rulers. Others are never given the microphone to say anything. They are free to express their opinion under the shower, which would, practically, have no effect on the general public that is educated by the mass median owned by the ruling classes.





All human societies have been built throughout the entire human history in the form of a pyramid structure, where the rulers have occupied the top position of that pyramid. Members of the ruling classes occupy the following building blocks of the pyramid directly below the master of the society and enjoy the highest levels of power, wealth, and prestige after the ruler and his family. Members of the privileged classes fill the most important governmental positions and run the affairs of the state on behalf of the master and according to his interests and desires. They control most of the nation’s economic resources and wealth in addition to enacting and enforcing the laws that serve the ruler’s interests, mainly, at the expense of the governed masses and, at last and least, to regulate the subjects’ lives and maintain law and order. The ruler, members of the ruling classes, and their employed mercenaries are above the law enforced against the common people, as they are the law themselves, its enactors and enforcers. Saddam Hossein’s regime/state had been a classical example of such a political and social system that prevailed throughout the entire human history and still exists in many countries in the modern time.

That system has been modified by the invention of democracy reflecting the changes in the World economy and social structures starting from the industrial revolution in the 18th century that removed the power from the hands of land owners (feudalism), which was the only source or wealth, and put it in the hands of the money holders as the role of agriculture in generating wealth had been increasingly reduced to a very limited portion of the entire wealth generated by the new economic activities such as industry, trade, and the production of new goods and services. The production of services such banking, mass transportation, entertainment, and, international trade started generating wealth and competing with the production of goods as a wealth creator. Concentration of money became the new and only source of power and control of the new democratic World. Democracy means the power of money that buys politicians to rule on the behalf of the new paymasters. Democracy is very sophisticated, complicated, and based on inescapable deception and manipulation of the ruled masses, the democratic fools. Very few people know how it works. Most people think that they know how it functions. Politicians such as states’ presidents or prime ministers play the role of the actual rulers of the democratic World, but, in fact, they are not, but, their financiers. The game is very simple and based on financing the political parties participating in the democratic game and politicians running for posts. One of the most deceptive democratic elements that the common people do not know is that there is no difference between all those political parties and candidates, all of whom represent the interests of the main financiers, but, wear different masks to convince the voters that they have a choice. In reality, they do not. Whoever they vote for is a mercenary servant for paymasters. Entire nations go to vote with the dream of having an effect on their future by choosing their representatives. Changes never come except some cosmetic ones as a part of the broader manipulative game. The single master of the human industrialized and advanced societies has been replaced by the ruling class that occupies the top of the Social Pyramid Structure of Power and Wealth. Members of the ruling class do not practice governing the masses themselves, in general, but employ their political mercenary representatives to play the role of the visible rulers of the society and are named presidents or prime ministers of states, who are replaced on a regular basis to give the impression that people have a say in choosing their rulers or representatives. In fact, the hidden rulers of the democratic industrialized countries are not replaced and stay in power endlessly within the power equation among themselves. The governed masses think that they are, in fact, the real rulers as they go and vote and choose their representatives, and remove them next elections, if they did not meet their expectations. The apparent mercenary rulers are appointed using very sophisticated, complicated, wicked, and manipulative means. Democracy is the most sophisticated deception in human history.

The underground real rulers of the Democratic World give tax-deductible financial donations to the political machinery, political parties and other institutions, and to political candidates running for offices to play the role of the actual rulers of the society for short periods of time. That gives the deceptive impression that (political) rulers do not monopolize power and hold offices only for limited periods of time in contrast to the old fashioned and ancient way in the past and in the primitive countries where the masters control power for their entire lives and until someone else removes them forcibly. That is a manipulation because the invisible and real rulers of the Democratic and advanced World are permanent; only their mercenary servants are replaced through elections giving the false impression that there is no power monopoly in the Democratic World. Why is power monopoly unacceptable? Human experience has proven, absolutely, that it is associated with corruption and absence of accountability.

The second deception is that the democratic voters have not choice at all in reality and they do not know that. They think that the different political parties and candidates vary and represent different political directions and philosophies. They are not and financed by the same secret masters of the Democratic World. So, whoever you vote for, you get a mercenary servant for his or her paymaster. The differences are illusive and only cosmetic to convince you that your vote makes a difference. Psychological gimmicks are applied and people of the Democratic World learn in school that going to vote is a patriotic obligation that has to be fulfilled. They go and vote which gives them the feeling of influencing the way they are being governed and their future. They have never done. What if their choices did not meet their expectations? They wait a few more years to go and change the politicians. That is the revenge. They punish the deceptive politicians. Well, that exactly is the function of the politicians to be replaced and absorb the ruled masses’ dissatisfaction and anger. The real secret masters are never replaced nor known to exist at all.

Mercenary politicians who receive the highest amount of financial donations succeed in getting voted in and occupy political offices. Those donations allow them to spend on the propaganda called election campaigns to reach the greatest numbers of the ruled masses. The more you are in the picture the most secure are you in winning an election. The statistic correlation between the amounts of money spent and winning is almost “1”. This means that the highest sum of money spent on an election campaign results in winning the most votes and the office desired.

Every politician has two faces at least. One face is for the common subjects and voters giving them sweet meaningless speeches and promises implicating knowing there needs and how to satisfy them. Most what they say is vague, deceptive, and never fulfilled. In addition, the interests of many sectors of the voting public contradict; therefor, expert political candidates speak so much saying nothing and giving elusive commitments. In other words they are actors who are more professional than Hollywood movie stars. You know that the movie stars are acting, not real, just pretending. But, you do not know that politicians are liars, act as if they know everything, your needs and grievances, and promise fulfilling your wishes. They have never had the intention to do so, because they have other plans for the few years they have in power.

What are the real plans of the voted in fake rulers of the Democratic World? Number one is paying back their debts to their financiers by leading the entire society, economically, industrially, militarily, internationally, politically, socially, culturally, and educationally to serve the interests of the paymasters who can turn the money taps off. The next priority is acquiring as much wealth and power and to expand the period during which they occupy their offices to maximize their financial and future benefits before they lose their functions to other mercenary competitors. What about the interests of the ruled masses who voted them in? Manipulation is the best way to deal with them, and at last, if they are not happy, they can vote for another mercenary politician and punish the bad one. That is why politicians are there in Democracy, to be replaced and absorb your anger and dissatisfaction. The real rulers stay invisible and in power eternally.

The real faces of the mercenary politicians are reserved to their real paymasters and collaborators. There is no deception, here. Those parties mean business and call things with their real names. That mercenary relationship among the mercenary servants and the secret actual power holders of Democracy includes accountability. Politicians have to deliver and meet the expectations of their masters; otherwise, other mercenary politicians would love to replace them, of course, with the financial help of the invisible masters of Democracy. In other words, the financial flood from the secret masters of democracy keeps flowing to carry the entire system, but, in return more benefits flow back to them by the mercenary politicians. The desire of a mercenary politician and a mercenary party, which is a collection of mercenary politicians and mercenary bureaucrats, to serve the hidden power holders, providing them with ultimate loyalty at the expense of the misled masses, and deceiving them to satisfy all the financiers’ interests does not guaranty a position as a mercenary politician without possessing the talents of professional cinematic acting and manipulating the voting public.

Interests of the ruled masses contradicts in most, if not all, cases, the interests of the ruling classes whose members’ interests oppose each other, too, in many cases. Launching wars cost taxpayers fortunes and reduces their wellbeing as they finance invading other nations. In contrast, wars accumulate fortunes for the largest international bankers, weapon producers, some businesses profiting from the wars and their results, and politicians. Governments borrow money at high interest rates from the international bankers to finance wars that fill the pockets of the arms producers and other benefiting businesses and politicians. Debts and interests are paid by the taxpayers who suffer from the reduction of their life quality as the nations’ wealth burns with the fire of wars. Future generations suffer from the same reduced quality of life as they have to continue paying for the debts acquired by the continuous imperial democratic wars for fake reasons. Not to mention, the lives lost of both the invading and invaded soldiers and civilian victims who are called collateral damage. Not to mention, again, the economic destruction for both the aggressor and victim nations. Disabled mercenary soldiers are called heroes. Dead mercenary soldiers should never be allowed to have died in vain by insisting on continuing the war until its illusive goals have been achieved.

Who is missing, now, form the political battle field? The mercenary thinkers play the indispensible role of justifying and legitimizing the actions of the democratic governments, and describing them as moral, principal, religious, rational, patriotic, peaceful, necessary, and honorable; all that for pay, of course. They brain wash the ruled masses’ minds to support the democratic actions and policies that serve the interests of the democratic masses, the wellbeing of the entire human population, peace, and stability on Earth! The fooled democratic nations get lost in the fabricated and deceptive picture painted by the professional mercenary politicians and thinkers. But, what happens when the voting public loses faith in the mercenary politicians and discovers their dishonesty and manipulation? Democracy is very well prepared for that scenario. The ruled people vote the existing politicians in office out and put others in charge. Voters have a choice and can change the way things are going. Well, that is exactly the function of democratic politicians to be replaced to absorb the masses’ dissatisfaction. The real hidden masters are never replaced because the democratic fools do not notice that they exist. Democracy is flexible and provides the voters with endless number of mercenary faces that are ready to serve, of course, for pay. The catch is that all of them work for the same secret paymasters and serve their interests. What is the position of the democratic voter, then? He and she are the democratic fools. Democracy is sophisticated and wicked. Politicians are certainly accountable, but, their masters are, for sure, not. Some smart democratic citizens notice that real change never comes and wonder why. Mercenary thinkers give them the plain reason and advice. The change you hope for will never come if you never go to vote. You go and vote and return home happy that you have planted the seed for change, but, need to wait a while for it to grow. But, if it would not work, there are new elections in several years to come. You can repeat the democratic process and privilege of voting some politicians out and others in. Democracy is the most sophisticated deception in human history. Its deceptive core is the belief that the democratic voters decide who rules and what policies to be implemented. The only piece of information missing is that there is no difference among all the mercenary democratic servants of the invisible power holders.

Are there no honest, ethical, and capable human beings out there who never sell their bodies and souls? The answer is, of course, yes. However, they have no financiers, no voice, no microphone, and can reach nobody. Another element of the democratic World is propaganda or the mass media that is owned by the secret masters of democracy. The mass media educates the ruled masses what to think, what is right and what is wrong; give them their values and philosophies, and even culture. The mass media is the second democratic arm that holds the democratic system in place. Non-mercenaries have no voice there. In the contrary, the media would kill them politically.

After the democratic success of the mercenary politicians to occupy their offices such as presidents and prime ministers and all the other lower ranking position holders, it is the time to harvest the fruits of their hard work and build wealth and power with the cooperation of their paymasters and the mass media. All mercenary supporters and collaborators receive offices according to their proportionate importance and start collecting the rewards of their mercenary work. Self-interest is still the only driving force for their actions. That means keeping their financiers satisfied by fulfilling the secret promises to and agreements with them through enacting suitable laws and taking the proper political decisions. Satisfying the paymasters might help keeping their jobs for more than one electoral period which would prolong the period during which they multiply their wealth and strengthen their power during their reign and thereafter. Important politicians leave offices to occupy important posts with the paymasters’ companies so that they can continue using their governmental intimate knowledge to enrich the paymaster and increase his or her fortune and power. Using positions of power to gain personal benefits is called, legally, abuse of power, but, since the media cooperate and hide such internal relations among the real rulers and their mercenary servants, there is no harm.

Mercenary politicians and their mercenary parties compete in the service of the paymasters to receive the highest financial donations to be able to occupy governmental offices. This means that the ones who offer more to the paymasters are the ones that most probable would get the jobs. Since it is a money game, ruling a country could be an international affair as money providers are international, operate freely within the entire World, and their investments are most desired and appreciated. The game is complicated and international. Democratic citizens play their patriotic role and vote to have a say in regard to the political process, or so are they told. So, you go vote and do not waste your constitutional right of having an illusive say about how your country is run.

The different sectors of the stealthy actual ruling classes have common interests, but also, conflicting ones, as well. Therefore, there are secret agreements among them, but also, contradictions. The most powerful, organized, and richest ones endorse their mercenary servants and succeed in putting them in positions of power to serve them. That explains the different priorities of different mercenary politicians. Some go to wars to satisfy Bankers and weapon producers, some reduce taxes of the most rich (to stimulate the economy), some reduce public services and spending to be able to reduce taxes for the richest, others enact new laws to better serve the paying masters, and so on.

In the modern democracies, the ruling classes occupy the top building blocks of the Social Pyramid Structure of Power and Wealth, although they do not act as the rulers themselves. Their mercenary servants such as important politicians (presidents, prime ministers, and ministers) and governmental agents occupy the following building blocks of the mentioned structure. Lower ranking mercenary officials occupy the following lower building blocks. At last, the ruled masses occupy the bottom widest main portion of the body of the social pyramid. Those are the ones who carry the entire society, produce most of its goods, services, wealth, pay most of the taxes and finance the entire state, its mercenary functionaries’ salaries, the costs of wars, death, and destruction, the costs of weapon research and production, space explorations, and all the modern business of running a modern democratic state. However, the ruled massed enjoy the least of the society’s wealth and privileges and bear the most burdens. They, also, are the ones who suffer mostly from corruption.


The most important (and in some cases the only) qualification to occupy a position within the Pyramid Social Structure of Power and Mercenariness is loyalty to the master, not, competency. That, of course, harms the public good and constitutes the greatest barrier in the face of development and advancement of human societies to reach their potential maximum. This is why humanity is far below the maximum of what it could achieve in the field of the quality of human life.

Individual personal interest is the strongest, if not the only, driving force behind the actions and attitudes of most (if not all) human beings. That leads mercenaries to provide their loyalty to their direct masters right above them in the Pyramid Social Structure of Power and Mercenariness, and not to the ultimate society ruler or rulers. The direct master is the one who determines the advancement potential for the serving mercenary under him or her and therefor is more important than the top ruler and ruling classes. However, the higher the position of the mercenary functionary in the Social Pyramid of Power and Mercenariness the more important becomes his or her loyalty to the final ruler. If that loyalty vanishes and is replaced with competency, the entire known Social Pyramid Structure of Wealth and Power would collapse.

The eternal Social Pyramid Structure of Power and Mercenariness has caused human suffering, wars, death, destruction, poverty, hunger, ignorance, injustice, and misery, pollution of the Earth and its environment, and the exhaustion of its resources.




The World human population and the various nations occupy different locations within the International Pyramid Social Structure of Power and Mercenariness. However, particular nations do not occupy certain building blocks of the mentioned frame, but, people groups of different nationalities occupy those positions. The strongest and richest group occupies the top portion of the Pyramid of Power and Wealth. Less powerful and wealthy groups take the following positions. The entire World affairs are conducted by mercenary politicians headed by presidents, Kings, and prime ministers of states to satisfy the desires of the top occupants of the International Social Pyramid of Power and Mercenariness. The secret game is gigantic, very difficult to understand, most bloody, and very corrupt. The lower mercenary occupants of the building blocks of the mentioned pyramid serve the interests of higher occupants directly above them. They are not loyal to their own nations and countries but to their direct masters who allow them the levels of power and wealth they enjoy. As usual, there are at least two faces to all those mercenaries. The deceptive one is reserved to the public and the true face deals directly with their masters occupying the higher building blocks of the International Pyramid Social Structure of Power and Mercenariness. Personal interest is the driving force behind all the mentioned mercenaries’ attitudes and actions. The ability to satisfy their interests depends solely on the level of their loyalty to their masters. The number of human beings, who are willing to sell themselves in return of a position within the mentioned pyramid, is more than the number of positions available, therefore, their ability to deliver is another requirement to function as mercenaries and be able participate in the game. Members of one nation and one country do not occupy the same position or closer locations, but, different building blocks within that pyramid depending on their wealth, level of power, and connections with other occupants of the pyramid. Anyhow, various nations, in general, occupy higher or lower places than other ones. For example, African nations reside in the lowest ranks, while, the Zionists occupy the top tip of the international structure as they have been the most successful ethnicity among all nations of the World during the past two centuries. The lower mercenary occupants of the pyramid serve the interests of the higher ones so that they can maintain and increase the levels of their own power and wealth. The real rulers of the World are the occupants of the top portion of the pyramid and stay hidden from the ruled masses. They sacrifice their soldiers such as presidents and prime ministers of the World’s countries when people rebel and show dissatisfaction. The change of the faces of the apparent rules, the politicians, gives the ruled masses the feeling that they have a say and practice self-government. It is a deceptive and very sophisticated democratic technique to maintain the current World Order stable and keep serving the interests of the real invisible rulers of the entire human population at the expense of the entire World ruled masses. Many mercenary occupants of the International Social Pyramid Structure of Power and Wealth may not know the identity of the hidden rulers of the World and do not care as long as their personal interests are satisfied. All of those people do not care who and how many human beings die, hunger, suffer, are deprived of basic human rights and dignity, and about the entire wellbeing of humanity and Earth. They care only about satisfying their own selfish personal interests. One of the most important sectors of within the mentioned international pyramid social structure includes states’ presidents, prime ministers, kings, queens, important politicians, and heads of international organizations and local and multi-national companies. Those are the top executives who run the World affairs on behalf of the hidden rulers of the Planet Earth. Deception and manipulation of the entire World population is a core element of the international game. They have to be professional actors to convince the ruled masses that they, really, serve their interests, nothing else.

Wars among nations and countries reflect, sometimes, disagreements among the World invisible rulers, but, result in other circumstances as a consequence of a complete and comprehensive agreement among them to yield more profits from the arms’ sales and other industries and services associated with the war business and its aftermath. Wars change the World order to a more suitable and profitable environment and stimulate the World economy. The secret World rulers do not pay for the wars they plan and execute, but, the ruled masses, who, also, pay with their lives and wellbeing for fake and illusive reasons after the mercenary thinkers convince them that wars are necessary and imperative. The World and its human and natural resources is nothing but a chess game for the underground rulers. People, nations, and countries are the chess game pieces.




Masters and their servants have ever been above the law and enjoyed immunity against accountability, prosecution, punishment, and responsibility for the crimes they commit as long as they maintain their positions of power. However, if they lose their power by another force such as a coup d’état, for example, they might be accountable for some or all of their crimes. Anyhow, such accountability does not seem to aim to achieve justice, righteousness, and equality, but, to strengthen and stabilize the new ruling mercenaries. In most case, members of the same class (new and removed rulers and mercenaries) maintain mutual loyalty to assure their common safety. The new mercenary rulers want to be treated in the same way as the removed ones are treated if they lose their positions of power like the eliminated ones. In most cases it is sufficient for the new mercenary masters to isolate the old ones and their mercenary servants, disempower, and then, leave them live in peace. That is how they would like to be treated if they would be disempowered themselves.

Some rulers and mercenaries enjoy stability for longer periods of time than others. Some of them last for half a century. Ramses II ruled Egypt for 67 years. Others like the modern West European monarch families have been the heads of their states for centuries. Some occupants of the International Social Pyramid of Power and Mercenariness can be sacrificed for higher masters as it happened with the former Iraqi President Saddam Hossein. It is important to note here that he was not tried for crimes that included international participation of the higher mercenaries. Just one local crime without any international participation had been chosen to prosecute and then execute him. He died without uncovering the international contribution to his war against Iran with over a million dead and the use of gift gas in the mentioned war and against the Kurdish Iraqi minority. The Americans, Europeans, and Russians were involved in most of his crimes, but, they had been immune as higher occupants of the International Social Pyramid of Power and Mercenariness.

Another important element of the mercenary game is the loyalty and solidarity among members of the same class and profession. The prosecution of one member constitutes a real threat to all other members who try to cover up for crimes committed by any member of the same group. The fall of one member of a class is a threat to everyone else. This is why there is a strong solidarity among members of each class and profession. Self-interest is still the main, if not the only, driving force behind human attitudes and actions.

Are you a Mercenary?

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