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المشروع الصهيونى العالمى و خدعة الديموقراطية

غُلَافُ كِتَابِ الْخِدْعَةِ الْصُّهْيُودِيمُوقْرَاطِيَّةِ VII

 لقراءة الكتاب إضغط على الرابط التالى

الْمَشْرُوعُ الْصُّهْيُونِىُّ الْعَالَمِىُّ وَ خُدْعَةُ الْدِّيمُوقْرَاطِيَّةِ

تم توقيع عقد نشر الكتاب ورقيا مع المكتبة الأكاديمية – 121 شارع التحرير بالدقى، القاهرة، مصر، يوم 3 مارس 2015، و يحظر نشر أو إستنساخ أى فقرات من هذا الكتاب بدون إذن كتابى من الناشر



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Dr. Ahmed El-Meadawy

May 2011

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The Zionist Imperial Plan for the Entire World!!!

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The American Imperial Grand Strategy


Dr. Ahmed El-Meadawy

9 April 2008


Imperialism, Oil and the Middle East:


      The Europeans have learnt from the destructive imperialist wars between their nations, which have ended with the World War II, to divide the world’s colonies among themselves according to their relative strengths, and with the co-operation with the United States of America, the new imperialist world leader. France was humiliated by the easy and fast German victory of the World War II. The French could not liberate their land without the British and American alliance. Then, the Charles De Gaulle government came and killed one million Algerians who wanted the same freedom the French wanted and got by luck. The French (with the British) invaded Egypt in 1956 to stop its support for the Algerian liberation movement, and helped Israel to invade Sinai. The colonized nations of Africa and Asia have defeated the European colonial powers with the help of the former Soviet Union and became free. The Europeans were much smarter than their victims. They left local client regimes to rule their nations on behalf of the defeated European masters and their new imperial leader, the USA. The most successful policy has ever been divide and rule. They divided the Arab land into smaller countries with local client rulers, created the state of Israel, and planted the seeds of continuous wars in the Middle East. This has exhausted the Arabs’ resources, who became the weakest victims of Imperialism in the whole World. The Arabs have failed to use the strongest strategic card they have (the oil), in addition to the Suez Canal, the strategic geographical location, and the large population of approximately 300 million, to develop and to stop and remove the Israeli cancer from the Arab body. Their armies are disarmed and used only to suppress the local populations.


      The Middle East is the most important source of petrol in the modern time for the Human civilization and the industrialized nations. It has been, since the end of the World War II, under the American control, as the USA has replaced Britain as the leader of the Imperialist (western free) world. This control has guaranteed the free flow of cheap oil to the industrialized nations during the Cold War years (1945-1990) without any political concessions to the Arabs in their struggle against the Zionist imperialism. The occupying American and allied forces in Iraq and the United Arab Emirates are ready to defend (occupy) the Arab oil wells in case of any threat to the uninterrupted flow of the oil to the USA and its allies. The American consumption of imported oil will increase from 10 million barrels a day (53% of the local consumption) in 2001 to 17 million barrels daily (65% of local consumption) in 2010. The most significant oil exporters to the USA are Canada (the largest exporter), Saudi Arabia (second largest), and Venezuela (third). The current Bush administration has failed to overthrow the current hostile president of Venezuela (Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías). The existing oil resources will not fulfill the American demand in the future. New resources are needed such as the occupied Iraq and the Caspian See oil reserves in Azerbaijan and. Kazakhstan. The invasion of Afghanistan has secured a land pipe line to transport the Caspian See oil. Iraq currently provides only 4% of the imported American oil, but it has the third largest oil reserves in the World. The Persian Golf has provided the States with 20% of its total oil imports, which was 12% of the local demand for the year 2003.


The Only Super Power:


      The United States has succeeded in destroying the former Soviet Union in 1991 by pushing the arms race to its maximum and pumping billions of dollars into the (American) military industry which led the Soviets to do the same to maintain a strategic balance with NATO. The weak Soviet economy could not keep up with the military and local population needs, so it disintegrated, leaving the USA to be the sole remaining superpower at the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st centuries. Although the Soviet Union was not an Engel empire, it left many victims of Imperialism including the Arabs without any alliances to protect themselves. The Arabs are currently powerless against the Zionist, American, and European imperialist plans to swallow more of their lands and resources. This is happening with a complete collaboration of the ruling client regimes in the Middle East, the seeds that the old European masters have planted decades earlier.


      Before the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the Americans have succeeded in destroying several obstacles to their complete Domination of the World. Those were the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and the Arab Nationalist Movement under Nasser’s leadership, who ended 75 years of British occupation of Egypt (1882-1956), and was one of the most important NAM leaders. The purpose of that organization was to protect the sovereignty and security of its 188 members (2007) from imperialism, colonialism, neo-colonialism, racism, and all forms of foreign aggression, occupation, domination, interference or hegemony, and great power and block politics. The Arab defeat by the Israelis, supported by all American/European Imperialist powers, in 1967 destroyed the Arab Nationalism. Its purpose was independence and unity of the Arabs and protecting their own interests against that of the American, European, and Zionist Imperialism. Sadat, Egypt’s president from 1970 to 1981 and the founder of the modern Egyptian client regime, played a decisive role in disarming the Arabs against the Israeli continuous militarization and highly developed nuclear arsenal. He and his family received in return financial rewards from his American and European masters. Another NAM leader, President Sukarno of Indonesia (1945-1967) was overthrown by another American agent, President Suharto, who killed 500,000-1,000,000 of the Indonesian people in support of the American policies in South East Asia. The fall of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, another important American agent in the Middle East, by the Iranian Revolution in 1979 increased the importance of the imperial American alliance with Turkey, Israel, and the Arab client regimes for the American control of the Middle East and its vast oil reserves.


Death of the Only Super Power:


      The size of the American economy has decreased from half of the world’s total economy in the fifties of the past century to 20-25% currently. The European and Japanese economies and currencies are improving continuously at the expense of that of the Americans. The Chinese economy is growing by 10% (approximately) yearly, and is expected to replace the American economy as the World largest within the next 20 years. Although Russia suffers from political, economical, and social chaos, it is still a nuclear super power capable of the complete annihilation of the USA and the whole World. Its vast oil and gas reserves increases the Russian influence on the European countries, as they increasingly depend on Russian energy supplies. China owns a nuclear deterrent and spends on the modernization of its military and nuclear arsenal as its economy grows. India is a nuclear power and a future economical super power. South East Asia’s economies are growing continuously and expanding their share of the World’s economy. The military spending of all those countries increases with their economical growth. Future alliances between those powers against the USA are possible. The USA fears a potential future alliance between Russia, China, and Iran. It is expected that the USA is not going to be able to keep its position as the World’s largest economy for more than a few decades to come, and probably its military superiority, too.


      All those economical powers are competing to secure the limited natural resources available including the most important, energy (oil), for their growing industries. The American allies such as the Germans, French, and Japanese do not need the American military protection anymore, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the end of the cold war in 1990, and the defeat of communism by capitalism. As those nations would like to establish or reestablish their own empires, the only cards left in the hands of the USA are its military superiority and still its largest economy, but for a short term.


      The American superior troops are deployed across the globe to secure the sources of the limited natural resources, and the most important of all the oil, and their transport routes. This allows the USA to control the economies of the competing industrial nations. This policy is an American declaration of its intension to protect its position as the World’s sole super power. Nuclear weapons can, also, be used to impose the American will upon the Globe, as the current President George W. Bush, has clearly announced to prolong the period of the American domination of the World. The policy of invasion and occupation is applied only against the weakest nations such as the Iraqis and Afghanis. The intimidation is not applied against nations with significant deterrents, such as North Korea with its nuclear weapons.


      Current and future imperialist countries are dealing with the American madness with patience and cautious, as they develop and grow their economies slowly but surely and with self-confidence, leaving the current World’s only super power to disappear slowly. Germany, France, China, Russia, Japan, and other powers have not challenged the recent American stupid military adventures, after the NATO countries have fallen into the American trap of September 11th, 2001, and contributed to the invasion of Afghanistan to please the American imperialist master.


      Before the Soviet Union has collapsed, a new political conservative group has emerged in Washington, the Neoconservatives, to which Roland Reagan and the current President G. W. Bush have belonged. This group has succeeded in formulating the American foreign policy for the new century, which has been published on 17 September 2002. The core of this policy is the use of the American superior military to dominate the world and its natural resources, as the USA fears the growing power of other countries with growing economies expected to replace the US as the largest economy in the next few decades.


      Europe imported in 2002 42% of all its oil imports from the Middle East and North Africa. This figure was 72% for Japan, 76% for the Pacific Asian countries except the US, Canada, Japan, and China, and 39% for China. This shows how the economies of those countries depend on the oil supplies from the Middle East, and to a greater extent than the US. The American control of the Middle East, the energy resources, and its routes of transportation is controlling the economies of those countries and their policies. Occupation of the Middle East is a part of the mentioned American policy, as almost all the ruling regimes are clients to the USA and its European allies, without any legitimacy from their nations. Revolutions are expected as the Islamic revolution in Iran occurred in 1979 responding to the American imperialism in that country. The American troops in Iraq and the United Arab Emirates are completely ready to invade the neighboring Arab countries to secure the oil wells.


      Wars are essential element of the new American imperial strategy. The invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq were not meant to be a temporary measure, but a long-term occupation, to allow the US troops to be centered in the different and important parts of the world to consolidate the American hegemony over the World. This, also, allows the American troops to exercise wars continuously, and to be always ready for new invasions and wars. American weapon systems are tested. Trillions of dollars are earned by the banks that lend the American Government to wage wars, by the military industry, by the oil companies and by the politicians with connections to those industries and businesses. American oil companies have currently exclusive access to the Iraqi and Caspian Sea oil fields. Exxon, the largest American corporation has earned 40 billion dollars last year.


      When the USA prepares for an invasion of a weak nation such as the Iraqis or Afghanis, it does not announce the real reasons for the invasion, but other fake ones to fool the local and international population with help of the American and allied international media. In the western fraudulent and efficient democratic world, the media plays a decisive role in deceiving the local and world population. It helps the imperialist governments to spread fake reasons and information to prepare the locals and world nations for the upcoming imperialist policies, wars, invasions, and conflicts. Note that the democratic world is most proud of its freedom of expression and freedom of press.


The New American Imperial Rules:


        During the cold war, the military and nuclear balance between the communist and capitalist worlds has prevented any direct military conflict and nuclear wars that could have destroyed the entire World many times. The decisive element of that balance was the nuclear deterrent of each block. If a super power would have launched its nuclear missiles against the other one, the attacked block had the capability to retaliate and launch its atomic missiles against the attacker. The result would have been a complete annihilation of both parties. This balance and mutual nuclear deterrent capabilities has prevented nuclear wars and direct conflicts between the super powers and maintained the world peace in general.


The Neoconservatives have pioneered the development of new technology “The Star Wars”. The American military satellites are supposed to shoot down any nuclear missile fired at the USA or its allies. Lots of money has been spent on research to develop such technology, although it has not yet succeeded. The aim of such aggressive policy is to disturb the world nuclear balance and stop the current nuclear powers such as Russia and China from the ability to use their nuclear deterrent against an American nuclear attack. A success of the Star War Technology would stop such nuclear powers from being able to retaliate against any American nuclear attack. This means that nothing would stop the USA from using its atomic weapons against any other nation; America will fear no retaliation. Do not forget that the USA is the only country that used necessarily atomic weapons against another non-nuclear nation (Japan) in 1945. Furthermore, the current American President has declared that he is willing to use nuclear weapons against other non-atomic nations defying American interests. The US government spends already on the Star War Technology more than it spends on its Foreign Ministry. Poland and the Czech Republic have already agreed to host the Missile Defense Shield on their territories neighboring Russia. The USA military spending ($600.00 billion a year) equals half of the world total spending on arms or the total military spending of the next 15 countries following the USA.


      The American new Grand Imperial Strategy seems to be leading the World to arms race and destruction. Anyhow, this strategy currently aims to invade the weakest nations without significant deterrents such as Afghanistan and Iraq. North Korea has succeeded in protecting itself from potential attacks by the Americans by developing its own nuclear deterrent. Iran would like to follow North Korea steps to protect itself from the American imperialist aggression; as the USA would like to attack Iran before it succeeds in developing its nuclear deterrent. Iran possesses the second larges oil reserves in the World. Its invasion would allow the American control of more energy sources and satisfy the American hunger for more power and imperialism, but seems to be pushing the World to more destruction and madness. The land invasion of oil resources and the threat of war against Iran have pushed the world crude oil prices to world records and the world economy to a recession.


      The budget deficit of the current Bush Administration has reached 9 trillion dollars ($9,000,000,000,000.00). The former administration of Bill Clinton had left a surplus of 4 trillion dollars. It seems that the Bush administration has spent over 13 trillion dollars on its wars on the illusive terror. A very few sectors of the American economy has profited from the American wars. Now, the American economy is facing recession, and the Dollar is continuing to lose its value against all other major currencies, as the current administration has concentrated only on the realization of its new Imperial Strategy and the invasion of other powerless nations. Who is going to pay the American Government debts? Is it the common American citizen, who has been deceived by the government and media to benefit just the very few Bush allies? Who is going to face poverty, unemployment and recession?


      A corner stone of the New American Imperial Strategy is to prevent other nations from building up its military capabilities, nuclear deterrence, and technologies. This would constitute a barrier against the complete American hegemony of the entire world. Only the USA has the right to possess nuclear weapons and the right to use them as it pleases. The role of the United Nations has diminished as the US is formulating its rules as it goes.


      Most the World’s nations, currently, consider the USA as the gravest external threat facing their security. The only solution to counter that threat is to own weapons of mass destruction to form a viable deterrent against any American aggression, as North Korea has achieved.


Freedom of Expression and Freedom of the Press (Democracy?):


      Many Americans support the American wars oversees, as the mass media do not inform the public about the real causes of those wars, provide false information or just parts of the truth, and support the general imperial policy. This mass media have helped the American Government to create the illusion of September 11, 2001, and brain washed the general public. Freedom of expression and freedom of the press do not inform the public about the American imperial plans of its global hegemony desires over the world’s nations and resources, and the price to be paid. Those mass media give no free information, but only information that suite the owners of the mass media and politicians’ campaign financiers. Those are the people who rule within what is called democracy, the only class that has the freedom to express themselves and enforce only their interests by all means available. They own the democratic institutions and the ruling politicians, and receive the financial rewards of their control over democracy. Those forces have convinced the American public with the illusion that their country is under threat from Moslem fundamentalists. Anyhow, there is a basis for such illusion, as the master imperialist has invaded, stole, corrupted, and terrorized Moslem nations and their lands allover the world. Therefore, the greatest homeland must be defended against the barbarians, an argument used by all imperial powers of all times. The defense starts their at the terrorists’ homelands to prevent them from reaching the imperial homeland. The public of the democratic countries are victims of their rulers’ fraud. Aggression, invasions, corruption, lies, robbery, death, and destruction are advertised as defense. The Vietnam War was defense of freedom, not aggression! For such illusive freedom, 3 million Vietnamese and 58 thousand American lives have been lost, in addition to the mutilation of hundreds of thousands or may be millions  of human beings, the destruction and the land poisoning of many countries involved in the American freedom adventure. It is not a joke that the consecutive American governments, since the end of that war, have declared that the Vietnam War as an aggression against America, which deserves compensation for the Americans. The invasion of Iraq is liberation of the Iraqis from the Butcher Saddam Hossain, who, by the way, was created, armed and financed by the Americans and their allies. On 23 March 2008, the number of American soldiers killed in Iraq has reached 4,000 and the same number of Iraqis has reached one million.


      The free democratic press does not inform the public that the democratic civilized western world has created Saddam Hossain and many hundreds of his peers allover the world to serve the imperial democratic western world’s interests with similar casualties as in Iraq. It does not tell that Saddam was asked by the Arab client regimes on behalf of the American government to invade Iran. He was financed by those regimes and armed by the freedom and peace loving Americans, Europeans, and Soviets.


      The democratic free press does not tell either that Saddam was supplied with the tools to produce the gift gas, Anthrax, (a weapon of mass destruction) to use against the Iranians and his own civil populations, the Kurds, by Donald Rumsfeld, the American Defense minister who launched the war against Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction. The war instigated by America against Iran lasted 8 years and killed over a million people and destroyed both countries. The same press does not mention that the American Government has tricked him again to invade Kuwait in 1990, to destroy him, after loosing control over him. How democratic is that?


      The same free press does not report that the CIA created, financed, and armed the Taliban and Al Qaida of Afghanistan to destabilize the former Soviet Union and other unfavorable regimes. It does not tell the world that invading Afghanistan is not a fight against the illusive and fake terror, but to build a pipe line to transport the oil of the Caspian Sea, which is one of the richest World oil reserves in Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. The Taliban regime refused granting that right to the USA. So, America has gotten its war. It does not report, also, that the ruling class considers the American death and injuries are just a moderate investment into the future of the oil, arms and banking industries, the main and may be the only beneficiaries of the wars on terror. Do not forget the corrupt allied politicians working on behalf of those businesses.


      Was the invasion of Iraq not because of its arsenal of weapons of mass destruction (WMD)? Did the USA not show the whole World at the Security Counsel the proof, satellite images of the alleged production sites of the WMD? Did the invading democratic armies not find such weapons? Have the democratic Americans and their allies changed the war cause to liberation and democratization in stead of security of the free world? Have you noticed that invasion comes first, and then a reason can be found, as democracy moves ahead? The mass media covers up the real reasons for wars, and brain wash the public with false information supporting the corrupt politicians.


      Have you noticed the shameless declaration of the American President and many American politicians that America is morally superior because of its respect of human rights, freedoms, and dignity? At the same time, the American Government practices “Rendition”, kidnapping of civilians from allover the world and delivering them to client regimes to torture them for information on behalf of the CIA, which keeps the client regimes up dated with all torture methods available. Have you ever noticed the happiness, jokes, and playfulness of the current US President, George W. Bush, Jr., facing the media and other heads of states, as if he does not feel the burden of the dying and mutilated Americans, Afghans, and Iraqis of his oil wars, the suffering of 49 million Americans without health coverage, the continuous destruction of the environment, mainly by the US activities and leadership, the current US recession, the increase of food prices allover the World, and the suffering of most humans on Earth?


      The democracy theory assumes that the free press and freedom of expression are the controls of the democratic institutions, as they uncover abuses and corruption. Voting for politicians by the public is another power given to the masses over the rulers. That theory is blind for the facts that the media is not free for everyone, except the ruling elite, and that the voting public is brain washed by the same bias media. People vote according to the information made available to them, some of which are false and others are only a part of the truth. Other information is hidden to deceive the public and affect their free opinion and votes.


      So, if the media is not free, and there is no freedom of expression, except under the shower, is there any democracy?


      What about the role of money within the most precious system “democracy”? Is democracy good at all with the freedom of money to support whoever will return the favor and co-operate with the corrupt system?


      In many democracies, the party or candidate with the highest number of votes wins the election; this number could be as low as 29%, for example. A minority government rules over 71% of a public, who has not voted for such a government. Is this a democracy or dictatorship? In other countries, a coalition must be built among different parties to represent over 50% of the voters. In most cases 51% is legitimate. What about the 49%, who did not voted for those parties? Who represent them?


      In all democratic countries, there are 1-4 parties, mostly only 2, exchange ruling the populations since the establishment of the democratic system. No other independent political powers can win an election and rule. Those parties are tools of the richest and most powerful. They receive all financial support they need to win elections and to form the public opinion. In most cases supporters finance all competing parties because it does not make any difference who wins and who rules. All will do their best to please the donors.


      Is democracy a highly sophisticated game of corruption, in which people are fooled and think that they hold the power in their hands? Is the theory of democracy an illusion as communism has been, but much more sophisticated, so that it is still alive? Is it just a modern feudalism?

Is it the highest from of deception, as the public is the victim and supports its exploiters? Is it a legal Mafia?


      No doubt that the prosperity of the people within the modern western democratic countries is a decisive factor of the laziness of their minds and actions.


      Is that the democracy needed to be spread allover the World?




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American Terrorism!


American Democracy???


Dr. Ahmed El-Meadawy

7 November 2007


Slaughtering the Natives:


        America was created by massacring the aboriginal people and stealing their land, after they have inhabited the American Continents for 20,000 years. When Christopher Columbus invaded America in 1492, there were 40-90 million natives. 2-18 lived in North America, and the remaining lived in Central and South America. In 1900, only 250,000 survived the slaughter in the USA. 100,000 lived in Canada. The European invaders brought new diseases to the natives that helped eliminating them. This is why invading Palestine by the Jewish immigrants, stealing their land, killing, and starving the Palestinians does not contradict with the western democratic civilized European/American imperialist thinking.


Enslaving Humans:


        In 1562, the Portuguese started the profitable slave trade, and competed with the Spanish, French, Dutch, and English in enslaving inhabitants of Western Africa to work in the new American colonies, of course, for free. By 1672, the English defeated all their competitors in the “Black Gold” trade. Female and male slaves and children were transported separated from each other, completely naked, and packed without any room for movement until arriving to the slavery landAmerica”. On the transporting ships, they stretched their hands to food upon sign from their holders, and swallowed upon another signal. When the slaves load arrived at the eastern coasts of America (Maryland and Virginia), slaves were offered to the buyers naked. Mothers and children were sold to different masters using the wipes. Slaves were offered the least amounts and worst quality of food, allowed the least period of time to sleep, and forced to work hard long hours. Many died. Wiping was the way to force them accepting their slavery status. They had to do whatever their masters wanted them to do. Punishment for escaping was wiping, burning, and confinement in chains. Slaves were used in farming and mining. America’s wealth was created from the sweat of the African slaves’ free work. Slaves’ children were slaves automatically. White masters took them to work inside their homes. Slaves remained slaves for life according to the American laws. They were inherited as possessions. They did not have the right to own anything. In 1638, the price of an African slave was $27.00, and the daily wage of a European worker was 70 cents.


      European invaders of the African Continent encouraged local tribes to wage wars against each other and then selling the prisoners as slaves. Another way was kidnapping peaceful inhabitants, and hiring Africans to manage the slavery process. European invaders gave African collaborators weapons to defeat their foes and sell the defeated prisoners. Collaborators feared becoming slaves themselves, if they had not collaborated with the Europeans. 50% of the African prisoners died during enslaving and shipping them to America.


      European colonial masters convinced themselves that enslaving the Africans and forcing them to Christianity is better than leaving them for their indigenous religions and to live in peace. The criminal, thieve, or murderer does not say he/she is a criminal, but find some moral reasons for committing crimes.


      Americans have always believed that America is the land of freedom and equality of citizens although they enslaved 10-11 million Africans. Anyhow, the slaves were not citizens. America would not have achieved such economical success without enslaving the African people.


      Enslaving Africans encouraged the Europeans to believe that the white man is superior to others. This helped the spread of racism in the modern time. The white masters taught their slaves to despise their original African culture and history. This led the Europeans to divide humans into different races to find a moral reason for invading, colonizing and enslaving other humans. Europeans/Americans wanted, also, to be morally superior.


      Between 1861 and 1870, the American slaves were freed and given citizenship and the right to vote (only for men) after long and bitter struggle for freedom. White Americans in the southern states hated to be equal to their former slaves and used terror to prevent implementing the new laws and to separate the Africans from the white Americans. They wanted them to stay with the aboriginal people at the bottom of the society. Laws were produced to prohibit African Americans from being in the same place with white Americans and practicing the same activities. This segregation lasted until the sixties of the last century.


The Nuclear Terror:


         The USA, under President .Harry Truman, has been the only country/nation that has used atomic bombs against another nation. The first bomb was dropped on the seventh largest Japanese city, Hiroshima, on 6 August 1945. 60,000-70,000 were killed instantly and 140,000 were wounded. The fatal atomic radiation reached 100,000 civilians. Another 70,000 died during the following five years.


       A second nuclear bomb was dropped on Nagasaki on 9 August of the same year. 42,000 died immediately, and 40,000 received the lethal atomic radiation. The number of the dead reached 70,000 by the end of the year.


       The USA spent $2 billion on the atomic bomb research. American, British, Canadian, and Jewish scientists were involved. 120,000 workers contributed to the project in total. The Germans were lucky to have been defeated, before the American atomic bomb was ready for use.


Six Million Casualties of the Vietnam War!


       The American governments have always justified all their imperial wars against other nations with the banner of fighting for freedom. This has resulted in 6 million American, Vietnamese, and other Asian dead, wounded, or disabled. 58226 American soldiers were killed; another 304,000 were injured or disabled. The war lasted 11 years (1965-1975), and ended by the humiliating defeat of the American mighty military by a poor and underdeveloped nation. The cost for the American tax payers was $150,000 billion. Profits went to the weapon producers and banks that lent the government the money to finance its wars, and to the politicians working on behalf of the war profiteers. The Pentagon, also, likes wars to keep busy and to test its new weapons in the real life. It seems that what prevented the American Government from using nuclear weapons to save itself from the humiliating defeat was the possession of the same weapons by the Soviet Union and China, which were Vietnamese allies. This was the Cold War policy of mutual deterrence. A superpower could not use its arsenal of weapons of mass destruction without expecting retaliation from the other superpower of the same kind.


Terrorizing the Arabs:


         The Europeans invaded what they have called the Americas, slaughtered most of the aboriginal inhabitants, stole their lands, and enslaved West Africans to create their wealth for free. This barbaric habit included the theft of Palestine, killing its native inhabitants, throwing them out of their inherited land, allowing Jewish migrants to replace, murder, steal, torture, starve, and humiliate them during the past 60 years. The new imperial body has been named Israel, which has killed with cooperation of the Europeans and Americans over 100,000 Palestinians, since 1948, to force them out of their land.


       The American, European, and Israeli plan for the Arabs and their lands is long and complicated. On 19 March 2003, the United States and many of its European allies invaded Iraq to prevent it from possessing weapons of mass destruction, but the invaders have not found such weapons, although the American Government has assured the entire World of the evidence that Iraq had acquired them. The war for the illusive weapons of mass destruction has killed 3842 of the American soldiers and 665,000 Iraqis (31 October 2007). 4.5 million Iraqis have become displaced inside and outside Iraq. Those American and European killers are very proud of their democracy and respect of human rights. They believe that they are morally superior to other nations because of that. Wars for oil and money do not reconcile with human rights, but the democratic mass media make it possible. Freedom of press and freedom of expression within the democratic world make it possible to reconcile the imperialist western free World policies of killing and destroying other countries and nations for the oil with respect of human rights, freedom and democracy. The reason for the declared wars should be more diplomatic than the truth, such as preventing rogue regimes from possessing weapons of mass destruction and democratizing undemocratic countries and nations. But, what is wrong with possessing weapons of mass destruction? The Americans and Europeans give themselves the right to possess them, and the right to destroy others. Others do not have the right to defend themselves, and are not mature enough to play with such dangerous weapons. The American and European mass media make the point clear. Freedom of press is just one way. Of course, others are free to express their opinions under the shower, outside the mass media that constitute the most effective tool of the democratic game. American and European democracy and free media have reconciled human rights and civility with wars, massacres, destruction of countries, economies, and nations. American and European politicians and officials stand in front of the “free media” to lecture the entire World about democracy, human rights, freedom of press and expression. All of us, citizens of the same World listen carefully and learn from the masters like monkeys.


       The same “free pressdoes not show you the real suffer of the wars’ victims in Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan. You do not see the dead, mutilated, and disabled from the aggressors and the victims alike. Remember, it is a free media one way only. It shows only the suffer of the victims of the World Trade Centre, but not that of anyone else. The citizens of the so called free world fail to understand the brutality of the attackers. The advertised reason for that is not to offend the sensitive feelings of the monkeys receiving the free education (brain wash). The same monkeys go to the poles to vote for their leaders, according to the education received from the media. They vote for politicians who send their sons and daughters to murder and destroy, to get killed and disabled for life, take their tax money and spend it on wars that profit a very few of the big companies and politicians, reduce social services and welfare of the society, and practice all sorts of corruption unpublished by the free media. Soldiers of the aggressors are heroes, not murderers. Their victims, well, what victims? No one talks about them. Invasion is liberation, aggression is freedom, and lying is democracy and freedom of press and expression.


       Wars are crimes, unless they are literally, defensive. Wars destroy life, nations, communities, countries, and economies. Wars do not reconcile with respect for human rights and freedoms. Wars are violation of human rights and freedom.


Destruction of Afghanistan:


         With help of the Saudi and Pakistani intelligent services, the CIA created the Moslem fighters (Mujahedeen) in Afghanistan to destabilize the Communist Regime that took power in Afghanistan in 1978 and the Soviet occupation supporting that regime. This project included recruiting and training thousands of Moslem youth from outside Afghanistan including Osama Ben Laden. The costs were hundreds of millions of dollars. On 7 October 2001, the USA invaded that poor country to allow the American oil companies, especially Halliburton, which was led by Dick Chaney (the current American Vice President), to put their hands on the oil and gas reserves of the Caspian Sea by building a pipe line to transport them through the Afghani land. The Taliban regime, ousted by the invasion, had refused granting the American companies the right to build the mentioned pipe line. Aside of the profits going to the American companies and corrupt politicians, acquiring the Caspian Sea oil and gas reserves secures the oil supply for the growing American economy and its allies, as the Middle East is unstable politically and militarily. Plans to invade Afghanistan started much earlier than the attacks on the World Trade Centre on 11 September 2001. Some believe the 9/11 was an operation that was completely designed and performed by the CIA.


The CIA Terrorism:


         In 1953, the CIA succeeded in removing the democratically elected Iranian Prime Minister, Muhammad Mosaddeq, as the British coup d’état has failed to eliminate him. He implemented policies increasing his country’s returns from its oil fields at the expense of the BP’s profits, the British oil company that monopolized the production of the Iranian oil. At that time, the importance of the oil for the economies of industrialized nations was obvious for the imperial powers such as Britain and USA. With help of a military coup d’état, the CIA installed Mohamed Reda Bahlawi to act as an Agent for the Americans and its allies. He robbed his nation, killed, tortured the Iranians, and supported the imperialist policies of the USA and its European allies in the Middle East. This resulted in the Iranian revolution in 1979.


       In 1954, the CIA removed the democratically elected Guatemalan President using a military coup d’état. The installed client regimes killed over a hundred thousand of the Guatemalans during the next 40 years.


       In Haiti, the CIA installed Papa Doc Duvalier, who, also, killed over a hundred thousand Haitians.


       In Zaire, the CIA assassinated the democratically elected President Patrice Lumumba and installed Mobutu Sese Seko, who murdered and robbed his people.


       In 1963, the CIA played a key role in the assassination of the American President John F. Kennedy. In the same year, it removed the democratically elected President of the Dominican Republic, Juan Bosch.


       In 1964, the CIA removed the democratically elected Ecuadorian President, Arosemana. In the same year, the CIA used the usual military coup d’état to remove the Brazilian democratically elected Joao Goulart government, and installed a client regime. It trained assassination teams for that regime to remove dissidents.


       In 1967, the CIA removed the democratically elected Indonesian President, Sukarno, because he cofounded the Non-Aligned Movement. For being not an American ally, the CIA financed and supported a coup d’état led by General Suharto that ousted President Sukarno. The allied General with America killed 0.5-1 million Indonesians in support of the American policies.


       In 1967, another CIA coup d’état installed a military regime in Greece, that murdered and tortured dissidents. The Greek Ambassador in Washington protested to President Lyndon B. Johnson, who replied: “Fuck your parliament and your constitution”. Johnson was one of the conspirators who assassinated the former American President John F. Kennedy.


In Bolivia, the CIA assassinated Che Guevara.


       In 1975, the CIA replaced the democratically elected Chilean President Salvador Allende and replaced him with General Augusto Pinochet, who murdered 3,000 dissidents and tortured tens of thousands.


       The CIA achievements are more than the above mentioned examples, but prove “the democratic commitment” of the American state to democracy and respect of human rights in all parts of the world. What matters really for the American policy makers is not  the American interests but the interests of the few ruling groups of interests, which brain washes the voting majority using the “free” mass media that the interests of the very few are the interests of the whole nation.


       Currently, the CIA kidnaps civilians from all parts of the globe, especially allied European countries, and sends them to client regimes in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, “Syria”, and other countries to be tortured on behalf of the CIA to gain information about American dissidents in the entire world. But, why does not the CIA do the dirty job itself, especially, it is the master, who taught most of the third World regimes the arts of torture? American laws do not allow torture. Notice the level of civilization, civility, sensitivity, and respect of local and international laws by the American rulers.


       Former American Presidents, George H. W. Bush, and Bill Clinton, were CIA agents. Hundreds of journalists, also, work for the CIA. But, they provide the public at the same time with the service of free information and holding the Government accountable. CIA employees commit crimes, but are not punished. It is a crime to expose a CIA agent.




         Europeans immigrated to what they named the Americas and became Americans. They practiced all kinds of terrorism, such as decimating the aboriginal inhabitants and stealing their land, enslaving millions of Africans, and waging wars for financial gains in order to create the present American “civilization” with its democracy, respect of human rights, and freedoms, but only within the USA. However, they call their victims terrorists. European/Americans turned the Middle East into Hell by destroying Palestine, Iraq, and Lebanon, and supporting most third World murderer and corrupt regimes. They call them moderate regimes.


       Have a look at democracy from within. It is ruled by three independent authorities: executive, legislative, and juridical. The legislative makes the laws, the executive implements them, and the juridical judges the whole society according to the above mentioned laws. The three parts constitute a legal mafia. Law enforcers, makers and judges are above the law. They do whatever they please. The only control allowed is the free media, which is not free. It is free only for its owners, the financiers who finance members of the above mentioned authorities. The hidden rulers of democracy sit at the top of the pyramid, finance and appoint members of the three authorities, which run the whole society and the world according to the interests of the unseen rulers. This is the big mafia that rules and owns democracy. It is, also, above the law. Do not forget the only control over this legal mafia is the free media owned by the hidden rulers of democracy. The free media brain wash the voting public to vote for members of mentioned mafia, who enforce the interests of the unseen owners of democracy or the legal mafia.


       Corruption and anti-corruption forces fight unbalanced fight. The anti-corruption forces succeed few times in uncovering the corrupt mafia “democracy”, but loose most of the battles to the corruption forces armed with money and “free media”.


       The American population has suffered form the Vietnam War for 11 years, as almost every family had a dead or disabled soldier. It resisted that war and succeeded in stopping it. The democratic mafia invented a better military system (the professional military), under which members of the most underprivileged classes of the society join the military as well paying jobs. When they die and become disabled, it is very difficult to blame anyone but themselves, as they had joined the military freely. Anyhow, members of the military, the mercenaries, the murderers of other nations’ sons, daughters, and children, are called heroes (free media).


       Money is a significant factor of the democratic mafia equation. Candidates with the most donated sums of money, by the illusive rulers, succeed in being elected for posts such as presidents of the state, members of parliament, governors of states, etc. Money, also, owns the mass media, which controls the whole democratic mafia process. In stead of controlling the democratic institutions and its enforcers, the mass media brain wash the public to support whatever policies benefiting the hidden rulers of the legal democratic mafia. Note that politicians and enforcers of the whole democratic process have to repay their financiers, who put them in their posts with their money.


       Former President Richard Nixon resigned as it was proven that he was spying on members of the Democratic Party (Watergate). He breached the American laws, as he and every other politician do unpunished. His grave mistake was betraying members of the democratic mafia not the American public. In democracy, there is not punishment for politicians for sending soldiers to their death and mutilation, for destroying other nations for profits, for benefiting few groups of interests at the expense of the majority, etc.


       Prosperity, achieved in part by exploiting other less developed nations, such as enslaving the Africans, and forcing coup d’états, helps the minds of the democratic voters to become lazy, as they do not have serious problems to fight for under the influence of the “free” mass media. Other voters feel the sterility of the whole regime, and know that their votes will change nothing, so they do not vote. When significant crises happen such as poverty and suffering form wars, people can affect the direction of the democratic mafia to some extent. But, the democratic mafia is always one step ahead.




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